Statistically Improbable (Dating by Design Book 2)(2)

By: Jennifer Peel

Zander leaned forward, happy to oblige. “I got to take a tour with her through her Facebook page, and all her ex-boyfriends made an appearance. She rated them each on looks, profession, and money. Believe me when I say Derek isn’t making it past her portal inbox.”

Zander and Cara both stared each other down. Connection meetings always got a little heated. I watched Kenadie decide if she should intervene or not, or call Zander a butthead. When you have been friends since high school, I guess you could do that, even if you were at work. But she stayed silent, at least vocally. Her eyes told Zander to play nice.

Zander caught Kenadie’s stare. He gave a playful grin to his best friend before focusing back on Cara.

Cara shrugged her shoulders. “Fine.”

I braved speaking up. “What about Brayden?” I pointed to the picture of the model looking guy on the connection wall. He had piercing blue eyes, chiseled features, and an ego to match. I’d taken him out on a client date a couple of nights ago, and I was treated to his life and times. I’d never met anyone so in love with himself. Not even Zander had Brayden’s ego.

All eyes turned to me and then to the picture of Brayden on the beach adoring his biceps.

“They have a fifty-nine percent compatibility rate,” I added in.

Zander was the first one to make eye contact with me from two chairs down. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” He gave me a wink. That small gesture made my heart skip a beat.

Cara scowled at Zander, but left it alone. It was hard to argue with someone who was always right. I noticed Kenadie breathe a sigh of relief before moving us on to the next match. It was a normal connection meeting at Binary Search.

All forty matches were made and we were dismissed to send each of our clients the information about their matches. I walked back to my office thinking about what a genius system Kenadie had created. It didn’t give me the answer I wanted as far as Zander and I were concerned, but the success rate was incredible. As far as I knew, only one person had asked for their money back, and that was due to some misunderstanding when Kenadie’s fiancé, Jason, used our services to try and get close to Kenadie. It almost backfired on him. But I thought it was the most romantic thing. I wondered if there was a guy out there who would do that for me.

I had almost made it to my office when Zander came calling after me. “Meg, hold up.”

I smiled and turned around. “What’s up?”

He gave me a once over.

I was glad I was wearing my favorite jeans, heeled boots, and soft blue turtleneck sweater. I thought the sweater brought out my pale green eyes, which were not even close to as stunning as Zander’s. And I liked the way my butt looked in the jeans, not to mention I needed the heels to add height to my small five-foot-four body. I still had to look up at Zander, even in three-inch heels.

“I’ve been thinking.” He stepped closer. Close enough I could smell the clean scent of his cologne and his minty breath. I’m sure a guy like him was ready for a romantic encounter at any time. I think he actually mentioned that in his profile.

I inched closer to him. “And what is your conclusion?” I didn’t have a clue what he was thinking, but I thought my response sounded flirty. Maybe?

His grin said he liked it. “Well, since Kenz is getting herself hitched and Jason is opposed to her pretending to be my girlfriend anymore, I need someone to look pretty on my arm when I go out, and . . .” He did another scan. “I think you fit the bill.”

I arched my left eyebrow. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?” I turned from him and walked into my office. I wasn’t sure how to take him. It would be a lie if I didn’t say part of me was jumping up and down inside, but I wasn’t into being someone’s plaything.

Zander followed me, laughing deeply. “You are definitely the right person. You sounded exactly like Kenz there.”

I sat on the chair behind my desk and he jumped up and sat on my desk. If ever he came into my office, which wasn’t often, that’s where he sat. He had this air of confidence about him that was attractive in its own right. And his smile kind of did me in.

“So . . . you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?”

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