Star Struck

By: Amy Brent



I looked down as the face of the blonde that I met contorted with pleasure, grinning to myself. I didn’t even have to be in the porn industry to land women like this. My ocean blue eyes and spectacular body did that all on its own and my skill level wore them out by night’s end.

I’d already gone down on her for a torturous amount of time, making her ease close to a release before I’d pull away to tell her to hold off until I said it was okay with me. In addition to being skilled, I was also dominant and loved control in the bedroom. I even liked control on the set as much as I could, depending on the director.

I finally let this one come once I was biting on her clit and making her moan my name, her voice rising with each cry. I’d kissed her breathless before that, still turned on from work earlier today before I went to the bar for a drink. I met a few buddies and we were catching up on life in the fast lane with this girl caught my eyes with her short black dress and long legs. She was already looking at me and even if she didn’t know who I was, she’d be here right now. I eased my thick cock between her legs and raised her feet to my shoulders as I slid inside. Most women found me to be slightly invasive with my size but ended up coming back for more, and I savored the tight grip of her slick pussy as I buried myself inside of her.

What the fuck was her name? Kelly?

I pounded her as she moaned, pleased with her body’s acceptance of me. I needed a woman after filming the soft bondage scene earlier today and imagined this woman bent before me, so I could spank her the way I did Cassie earlier on set. I knew that the actress liked it and that her reactions weren’t just for the shoot. I’d fucked her before off camera and knew her body well. I drove into her a few hard times before pulling out and telling her to get on her knees as I stroked my cock, sliding my hand through her juices as she moved clumsily.

I looked at her juicy ass as she propped herself on my pillows that were spread out all over the bed, watching the juices trickle down her thighs as I licked my lips. She didn’t taste as good as some women, but it was fun to watch her get off. I fingered her firmly for a moment before raising my hand back to spank her.

“Do you like that?” I asked her in a rough voice as she cried out, jerking forward. I watched my large hand print forming on her pale skin as she told me that it made her want to come again. She liked the pain, craved it. I slapped her ass a few more times before I took her with a hard thrust, gripping her hips as she screamed my name. I drove myself into her, pulling back and thrusting again as she screamed that she was going to come again. “Me too. Fuck me.”

I pounded away at her as I chased my release, free to enjoy this. It wasn’t all for the camera tonight and I felt her tighten around me as she moaned softly. I leaned forward, gripping her straight blonde hair as I fucked her harder. I knew that I was stretching her open, but her cries of pleasure assured me that she was enjoying it as she came for me. I thrust one more time before filling the condom wrapped tightly over me, dropping over her back.

I rolled away from her and took a deep breath, feeling that I might be sated for the night. I closed my eyes as her voice filled the room, noting that it was some babbling about how good I was. She wanted to spend the night and I smirked at those words. No woman spent the night with me and they were lucky if they saw me ever again.

“No sleepovers. I told you at the bar that I don’t do that.” I assured her with my eyes still closed. “I’ll get you a ride home if you need it, but you’re not staying.”

This wasn’t even where I lived. It was an apartment that I invested in a while back that I used depending on what part of LA I was partying in. My main place was a condo in the Hollywood Hills that only a few friends visited from time to time.

The woman grudgingly agreed to that once I made it clear that I wasn’t going to bend, and I got her a bottle of water before calling a car out to pick her up. I paid with one of my credit cards and let her sit down on the couch while she waited, dressed in some workout shorts as I sipped a beer.

She offered me her number once I told her that the car was here, and I declined it. I didn’t do dates or relationships. I locked the door behind her and glanced at the beer as I decided to stay here tonight. I had a few apartments all over town since I was doing very well in the adult film industry and could afford it.

I walked back to the bedroom and dropped into the sheets that were all over the place as I switched on the flat screen TV. Other than the fact that it smelled like sex in here, the encounter was already out of my mind. She was just a means to an end. I worked in a place where sex happened frequently and the whole thing didn’t affect me too much.

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