Spoil Me, Daddy (The Virgin Pact Book 2)

By: Jessa James

The Virgin Pact, Book 2

Chapter One


I hadn’t even made it through the front door of my best friend’s house and my dick was hard. It wasn’t because of him. It wasn’t just Greg who’d answered the door, but with him were two young women. One was his new love interest, Jane. And although she was pretty, it was her friend who made me feel like a little kid who’d just seen tits for the first time. Not only did she get my attention, but my dick’s, too.

When Greg told me he had someone in mind to babysit my niece, I was expecting some socially awkward teenager who’d gotten the short end of the puberty stick. Wasn’t that how babysitters were portrayed in movies, complete with the glasses, bangs, and forehead of pimples?

I looked at her – Mary – from head to toe. Yes, she had the bangs, but her emerald eyes were scot-free of any glasses, and every inch of her gorgeous skin looked flawless. It didn’t even look like she was wearing make-up, it was so subtle, yet she could turn heads. It did mine.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times and instantly glanced at those D-cups. I hadn’t meant to, but they were pointing right at me. When I brought my head up, I could see Mary’s smirk curved very slightly into a small grin. I was good at reading people; Mary liked the way I was looking at her. The way I was reacting to just the sight of her. I should behave, I knew it, but I couldn’t control the urge to ogle her. What I really wanted was to touch, kiss, taste that creamy skin, put a flush on her cheeks as I made her whimper with need, fill her with my dick and watch her curves bounce as I thrust hard and deep. God, I was screwed and I hadn’t even gotten past the doorway.

I was an animal for thinking about her in such a way, but she was gorgeous, with her oval-shaped face and high cheekbones…and sexy, too, with slender legs, a full ass, and an endowed rack. Her hair was long and dark, almost black, framing her perfect face, pouting pink lips and green eyes that sparkled with innocence and desire at the same time. The look made my entire body go on high alert, my cock turning rock hard.

This was a woman I could teach, protect and thoroughly enjoy introducing to the world of sex and heat and breath-stealing pleasure. I had no doubt she was innocent. She might have fucked a high school boy before, but there was no doubt she’d never been with a man. With most women, I usually had to pick between innocent and sexy. I couldn’t haven’t both. But Mary? She was perfection. I wanted her.

Which was stupid. She was eighteen. Jane’s best friend. The fucking babysitter. And just that fast, I felt like a schmuck. A real asshole. But this was insta-love or some shit like that because she was going to be mine. Mary was mine, she just didn’t know it yet.

“Hey man, you alright?” Greg’s words brought me back down to Earth.

“Yeah,” I easily recovered from my daydreaming/salivating. “So, you’re Mary?”

Our eyes maintained contact – my azure ones meeting her green ones. She looked at me with her bottom lip pouting slightly, and her arms were crossed, one over the other, to rest below her breasts. With the additional support, her cleavage deepened, and so did her smile. I didn’t know which to look at.

“It’s nice to meet you…”

“Gabe,” came my smooth reply, as I extended my arm to shake her hand.

“That’s so formal,” Mary responded. She took a step, then two, closer to me, opening her arms wide and brought me into a hug. I was too surprised to hug her back, too caught up in the feel of her breasts pressing against my chest.

“Don’t tell me you hug your teachers that way?” I asked, my tone teasing. When she pulled away, she raised an eyebrow at me and turned to face Greg. He taught Civics and Government at the nearby private school for girls, and Mary had been his student. She just graduated and wanted to earn some extra income before college started in the fall, and it just so happened I was looking for a sitter.

I’d promised my sister I’d look after Ashley, her two-year-old, during her six-month deployment to the Middle East, but I still needed to work. As an architect, construction sites weren’t exactly the place to take a two-year-old. When I stole a glance at Mary, I couldn’t help but think she was heaven-sent. Not only did she look like an angel, but she was one, too. I wouldn’t know what I’d do without a sitter. I loved my niece, but I couldn’t be with her twenty-four/seven. Besides, I had no mothering instincts whatsoever.