Soulless:MC Biker Romance (Black Thorns, #2)(4)

By: Franca Storm

“Smiter headed on down there?”

“Gonna. Just waiting on you.”

“Tell him to stand down. I got this.”

“Ax, I don’t think—”

“Didn’t ask what you thought. Go tell Smiter I got this.”

“It’s dangerous.”

“And it ain’t dangerous for Smiter?”

“Yeah, but you’re Prez. Putting yourself on the line is—”

“Tell. Smiter. I. Got. This,” I repeat, growling each word.

The look in my eyes has him bolting outta the room a second later. Yeah, he might push it sometimes, but he knows what’s good for him.

Dealer gets to his feet and eyes me worriedly.

“What?” I snap.

“Nothing,” he says, still studying me.

“Good. We’re done here. Got shit to do.”

Chapter 2


As soon as I push through the doors into The Cove, Ricky spins, his .45 aimed my way. His eyes are wild. Fucking crazy eyes. Guy’s a real psycho. Different time—if we weren’t legit—I woulda had the boys bury him right away. We been playing it safe, just warning him. But he’s hit his third strike and I’m done playing nice.

Shit’s ‘bout to get real.

I scan the bar quickly. It’s early so it ain’t packed, but there’s still ‘bout ten people inside. All of ‘em are curled up in the booths, keeping low. Scared. Most of ‘em are women, too. Makes me sick to my stomach that this fuck’s got ‘em fearing for their lives. Ain’t no staff in view. Probably ran into the back the second they saw him walk in here with a fucking weapon. Good. They were safe.

“Take another step and I’ll shoot,” Ricky threatens, waving his gun at me wildly. “I will, you know? I swear it.”

“Believe you, man,” I say, holding up my hands. “You know who I am?”

He glances at my cut and his eyes widen as he takes in the President emblem there.

“You’re him? The President of the Black Thorns MC? Ax?”

“Yeah. So, you know I got a lot of pull here. Gonna help you.”


“You want Vicky, yeah?”

“She won’t come out of the bathroom. She won’t listen to a damn thing I say.”

“I got some experience taming wild bitches like her.”

His eyes flicker as he thinks on that. “You think you can get her to talk to me? For real?”

“Let me take over here and she’ll be doing more than talkin’; be on her knees begging to suck you off,” I tell him. “Like this,” I say, snapping my fingers.

He snickers. “I like that.”

I point to the door. “Let’s take a walk and work this out. I’ll tell you exactly what you gotta do.”

My eyes are on his, but I’m keeping a close watch on his fucking gun with my peripherals more than anything else. I watch as he smirks, liking what I’m saying, and then lowers the gun. “Yeah, man,” he says, heading over to me by the door.

He walks on through and I follow him out.

The second he makes it down the steps, I lunge at him, ripping the gun from his grip and slamming him into the brick wall of the bar by his throat.

“What the fuck?” he shrieks. “Thought you were gonna help me?”

I tighten my grip and he gags. “You think I’d let a piece of shit like you near her? Already know you took your hands to her last time you were here, you fuck!”

“She wouldn’t listen. I love her!”

“You dunno know shit ‘bout love! You’re a fucking psycho.” I shake him and growl, “Make you feel like a man, beating on a sweet little thing like her? Huh? Did it, you shit?”

He starts crying then. Ain’t nothing but a pussy hiding behind a gun. “I love her,” he cries. “What do you know about it? Guys like you just screw around with all those whores who hang around your clubhouse. Never care about anyone.”

His words catch me off guard. They’re like a spark, firing me up instantly. Dangerously. Cuz it’s a brutal hit. I ain’t with the woman I love. And here this shit head is throwing that in my fucking face?

I can’t hold back.

My fist plunges into the side of his face, hitting so hard that his head snaps to the side. I step back and let go of his throat and then I hammer a blow into his gut.

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