Soulless:MC Biker Romance (Black Thorns, #2)(10)

By: Franca Storm

Mmm…I like the words. But the guy’s all talk. In reality, he’s way too soft for me. There’s no hard edge with him which is something I crave…now. Because of him. Neil.

No, Steven really is everything that the pompous black tux he’s wearing suggests. Soft.

I press my hand to his chest and ease him back as gently as I can manage. “We’re not going there again. It was a one night stand, like I’ve told you over and over again.”

“What about the limo incident?”

“Just a kiss. A mistake.”

His eyes narrow and he grabs my arm. “You’re lying. You were into this until I asked you about your tattoo—the one with the thorns. Then you freaked out.”

His fingers brush it and I jerk my arm away. I can’t have him touching it. I can’t have anyone touching it. It’s not for them.

“See?” he says, smugly.

I drop my smoke and butt it out with my heel. “Fuck off,” I growl.

“Nasty language for such a beauty.”

Urgh. His words are enough to make me vomit all over his designer shoes. “I mean it, Steven. Back off,” I warn, fixing my purse on my shoulder.

And he would if he knew the real me.

But he doesn’t. No one in my new life does.

Does she actually exist anymore, though? I’m not so sure.

As if to test that theory, he suddenly grips my shoulders and pushes me into the railing hard, winding me. My purse falls from my shoulder and hits the ground.

My immediate reaction tells me all I need to know: I have lost her, the woman I used to be. I don’t react to stop him.

He pushes his body weight into me, pinning me against the railing. His hand grips my thigh, his nails digging into my flesh painfully like a blade slicing into my skin. How long are his damn nails?

“Women don’t say no to me, Roxana. They don’t blow me off the way you’ve been.”

“Stop it, Steven.”

“You bitch. Just a tease. And teases deserve to be taught a lesson.”

“Get your fucking hands off her!” a voice thunders from behind me.

It sounds familiar.

No. It can’t be.

I’m imagining it. I have to be.

Steven’s eyes dart behind me and I watch them go wide with fear.

Okay, maybe it is who I think it is then. He’d definitely inspire that reaction in someone.

“Who the hell are you? Can’t you see that this is private business between me and my girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” I basically spit. “You really are delusional.”

Steven’s eyes flash at my words and he raises his hand.

The railing shudders as the guy behind me vaults over it. The next thing I know, Steven is blown back from me by a hard blow to the face. It knocks him on his ass instantly and he starts whimpering. His eyes dart to the menacing figure striding over to him and he struggles to his feet and scurries away like the rat that he is.

My rescuer has his back to me. All leather jacket and jeans.

I’d know that sweet ass anywhere.


He turns around, breathing heavily, his nostrils flaring with the anger he’s struggling to push back down.

The moment he looks at me, though, I watch the tension start to leave his body.

And then he smirks at me and says, “Your taste in men’s gone to shit, babe.”

I smile. “Good to see you, too.”

“You all right? He hurt you?”

I shake my head as I kneel down and pick up my purse. “I’m fine.”

He nods. “Give me a second, yeah?” he says, making a move to follow Steven’s path back into the party.

“Neil, no!” I call out.

He turns back to me and scoffs. “Babe, come on. You really expect me to let this go? He had his hands on you and I heard the shit he said as well. Ain’t gonna let this slide. No one fucks with my woman.”

“I’m not your woman, Neil!”

He flinches and pain flashes on his face. He looks away and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Right, yeah.”

The most awkward silence I’ve ever endured in my life falls between us for what seems like forever, before he looks at me and demands fiercely, “You his then? That prissy prick your man now?”

And there’s the crazy possessive side of him come out to play.

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