Sloan (The Protectors Series Book #9)(88)

By: Teresa Gabelman

“Good to hear.” He gave her a wink. “Now, how about we go back to our place to make up?”

“Make up?” Becky frowned as he helped her slide to the back. “We didn’t really fight.”

“That’s a shame.” Sloan started the bike. “I’ve heard make-up sex is the best.”

A smile lit Becky’s face. “Well, I guess maybe we did have a little fight.”

“That’s my girl.” Sloan gave her a sexy grin over his shoulder before taking off.

Becky sighed, wrapping her arms around him tightly. With an evil grin, she let her hand travel down to his waist and head toward what she had thought about grabbing the previous times she had ridden behind him.

“Son of a bitch.” The bike weaved as he grabbed her hand, moving it quickly back to where it should be. “Becky, stop! Dammit, I almost wrecked. You are definitely going to pay for that.”

“Promise?” she replied, then squeezed him tighter, moving as close as she could to him.

His only response was a growl as the bike sped up and they flew down the road with Becky smiling and finally feeling at peace.