Sinful Nights(157)

By: Penny Jordan

Claire had fallen asleep after they had made love, but now she was awake, watching Jay pick up their discarded clothes. He was wearing a towelling robe and she was covered in a duvet.

‘We don’t want the girls asking awkward questions, do we?’ He abandoned his task and came over to her. ‘How could you think I still loved Susie?’ he groaned against her mouth, taking her in his arms.

‘I don’t know.’ Claire gave him a smile that was purely mischievous. ‘Perhaps you ought to convince me again that you don’t … just to be on the safe side … The safe side!’ Her face changed, and Jay frowned and stared at her.

‘What is it?’ he demanded roughly. ‘Claire, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you after all? Did …’

‘It’s nothing like that. I love you, Jay, and I know you’d never hurt me. It’s just …’


She coloured delicately and offered with a small laugh, ‘Well, I’ve never done this sort of thing before, and …’


‘We didn’t take any precautions, Jay. I could have a baby!’

‘You said you wanted my child,’ he reminded her, watching her.

‘I do … but you might not …’

‘Is that what you really think?’ he asked thickly. Bending down, he scooped her up into his arms, duvet and all.

‘You’re right,’ he told her. ‘I do have to convince you.’

At the top of the stairs Jay paused and, looking down into her glowing face, asked softly, ‘Which room, madam, yours or mine?’

‘How about ours?’ Claire suggested.

‘Ours. Mmm. I think I like the idea of that—we’ll buy ourselves a new bed, I think, and it won’t be ten feet wide! I want you as close to me as it’s possible to be from now on. Close to me in all the ways there are, Claire. I’ve been so lucky to find you …’

Fate had not been unkind to her after all, Claire acknowledged headily as he shouldered open his bedroom door and carried her over to the bed.

* * * * *