Show Stopper

By: Amy Brent

A Single Dad Bodyguard Romance

Chapter 1


“You taste amazing,” Ben growled into my ear. His hot breath tickled my skin and sent a fluttering warmth through my entire body. “That sex scene was so hot. Fuck, Bridget.”

We were in my dressing room, away from prying eyes. His lips trailed down my neck while his hands cupped my ass. This movie had been the hardest, by far, of my career, and I was glad for it to be almost over. The set was a jumbled mess from filming the explosions, and my back was sore from how many times we had to shoot that damn sex scene.

“Ben,” I moaned. “Right there. Yes.”

“You like my tongue there, baby?”

My hands curled into the fabric of his shirt. The sex scene we’d just finished filming drifted back into mind. His thinly chiseled body had rolled into my hips, and his lips had tasted like silken lust. Even though he had a sock on his dick, I could feel it rock hard against my thigh, and when I grabbed onto his neck to shoot the part where I pressed against his body, I whispered into his ear to meet me in my dressing room.

“These tits, baby,” Ben said. “You’re perfect.”

“I know. I work very hard at it.”

Life as an actress was tough, but the money and glamour that came with it were unmistakably addicting. I had a bitch of an agent that landed me all the right roles, and it provided a certain lifestyle I’d become accustomed to. Men threw themselves at me, and I wielded all the power on a set. If I was tired or thirsty, everything would mechanically come to a halt just to service my needs. In this movie, I was the star, instead of the co-star, and men bowed to my every whim.

It was intoxicating, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

The movie I was shooting was a fast-paced thriller with explosions and a heated love story. My character was an assassin on the run from a past she wanted to forget. She was dodging shady characters and popping up on the doorsteps of people she never thought she’d see again. She stayed away from her parents, who’d taken advantage of her as a child, and ran from alleyway to alleyway, trying to get away from her life.

Her past. Her secrets. I could empathize more with her than people realized.

“Keep going. Don’t stop. Please.”

“Oh, Bridget Meyers begging?” Ben asked. “I like that.”

He thrusted his lips back onto mine before his hands rounded down and cupped my ass. Images of the bed on set and how wonderfully long his legs were against mine slowly faded into the background as Ben pinned me against the wall. The stubble he had to grow out for his scenes today tickled the nape of my neck. His lips left hot trails down my skin while my fingertips raked across the fabric that separated us.

Ever since I’d felt that raging cock grow hard against my leg in that scene, I’d wanted it inside of me. His teeth nipped at my pulse point before his tongue darted out to lick the wound, and finally, I unwrapped my legs from him. This was going way too slow and becoming way too soft. I needed to take matters into my own hands.

I ripped the shirt over his head, watching his chest pant with pleasure. His thinly veined muscles beckoned to my fingertips as I ran them down their divoted trails, and Ben’s eyes were hooked onto me as I fluttered my gaze back up to him. He brought his lips down onto mine, soft and sweet, like I knew he was at heart.

But that wasn’t what I was looking for. That’s not what Bridget Meyers wanted.

“Ben?” I asked.

“Yes, Bridget?”

“Fuck me into that mattress, please.”

I widened my bright blue eyes, and I saw Ben searching them. His eyes grew dark, and his chest puffed out. For a split second, I thought I’d made a bad decision. His hands ran up my body, taking my dress with it before he ripped it over my head, and his hands cupped my cheek as I stood there, bared for him, in nothing but my bra and underwear.

“Are you sure about that?” he asked. His voice was low, like a strummed bass on a concert stage, and my stomach flipped with excitement and anxiousness at the ideas I could see brewing behind his beautiful hazel eyes.

“Hell yes,” I said breathlessly.

All at once, Ben grabbed my body and hoisted it over his shoulder. I giggled with delight while he flopped my body down onto the small bed in the back of the dressing room trailer, and before I could ask him for anything, his lips were pressed into my clothed core. My legs fell open for him, accepting all he had to give me, but when his hands planted into my knees and spread me more, I knew I was in for the ride of my life.

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