Sharp Change(9)

By: Milly Taiden

Chase was truly a feast for hungry eyes. She longed to use her tongue and suck on each errant drop of water. To get down on her knees, rip his trunks off, grab his cock, and suck until he came in her mouth, on her breasts and belly. She wanted him to take her from behind, come inside her cunt, wanted him to fill her with his seed and claim her as his mate.

What the hell?

Where were these thoughts coming from? She’d never been an overtly sexual person, but now she was positively frantic for him to fuck her.

Need clawed at her womb and again she pictured him giving her the rough explosive sex she was craving. The kind of sex that made everything around her disappear while leaving only his delectable body in hers, over her and all around her, bringing her to the height of pleasure. She knew Chase would make her finally have the big O without having to use one of her battery-operated toys.

Shaking her thoughts out of her daydream, she walked over to the food table and placed the cake box next to the other fruit trays and assorted cookies. Wanting to get away from the sight of a nearly naked Chase, she turned to go into the house when Julia opened the screen door and walked out.

Her sister was wearing a short, white, denim skirt with a peach T-shirt that read “Baby Mama.”

It took her a moment to realize what that meant, but then she looked up at Julia’s twinkling smile and couldn’t help the scream that came out of her. “Oh my gosh. Congratulations!” Grinning she ran toward her sister and enveloped her in a hug.

Julia was hugging her, just as excited, when she took a sniff and pulled away from Sophia. Julia looked at her and frowned. Her eyes widened, and alarm and anger cloaked her features.

What was it with people and frowning at her that day?

“What?” She took a few steps back from her sister, who looked a little like she was about to turn into her she-wolf persona.

“Sophia! What did you do?” Julia yelled at her in that rough, deep, wolf-is-about-to-come-out-and-maul-your-ass voice. Julia was so angry she was practically vibrating. This was so wrong—her own sister was about to turn her into a doggy snack.

Taking a couple of cautious steps back from her sibling, Sophia backed into a wall of muscle. A hand steadied her elbow. Chase, who had left the lounger and come up behind them, was holding her.

He turned her into his arms, and she ended up plastered to his hot, wet torso. What the… Mmm…

Her body decided that was exactly where it wanted to be and immediately curved into him. Her arms wound around his neck to hold him near, and at that moment, the most unbelievable thing happened. She purred.

Sophia quickly became lost in the blissful sensation of having Chase hold her. His warmth surrounded her and seeped into her pores, lighting a slow fire in her womb. She rubbed her nose into the curve of his neck and licked the harsh pulse that beat at the base of his throat.

A sensual fog closed in on her and disabled all thought processes. Her mind turned blank and sexual need took over. Her body rubbed his harder, muscular one, and she whimpered when she felt the thick steel of his erection pressing against her belly.

Chase had never had such a hard time keeping his skin. He’d seen Julia’s anger and knew he needed to step in. He wouldn’t allow her to hurt her sister or accidentally shift, which would put her baby in danger. He grabbed Sophia’s arm and turned her toward him.

What he hadn’t expected was for her to plaster herself to him like they were made of Velcro. It was so shocking it took him a moment to realize she was purring. His eyes narrowed, and he lowered his head to take a deep inhale of her scent.

He smelled the peaches and cream that was pure Sophia, but he also scented wolf and cat in her. He sniffed her again, deeper, and couldn’t help the growing erection at her blatant rubbing of his body with her own.

She was in heat.

He didn’t know how, but Sophia had cat and wolf inside her, both animals currently desperately needing to mate. She licked his neck and ran her lips over his jaw. His biggest fantasy had just come true. Sophia was hot…for him.

Arousal spiked through his system. It spiraled like a derailed train with only one focus: to get Sophia’s body closer to his. A rumble sounded in his chest.

The effect of her body fanned the flames that licked through his veins and injected an urgent need to possess and seize the woman within his grasp.

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