Sharp Change(7)

By: Milly Taiden

“Sophia!” Tryx grinned and came around the counter. As the only female in the family, River and Chase’s cousin was thrilled to have Julia to keep her company. Her short spiky hair feathered over her face with a couple of blonde, pink, and blue strands making her look like a little pixie. She wasn’t very tall for a shifter, only about two inches over Sophia’s own five foot three frame. She was slimmer than Sophia and Julia by a good twenty pounds.

Tryx hugged her tight and then lifted her head, narrowing her eyes.

“What?” Sophia asked at the strange expression on Tryx’s face.

Tryx gave her a look as if she were stinking up the place. She hoped she’d put on enough deodorant and didn’t smell funky. She’d had to stop wearing body spray to keep her sister’s new, sensitive shifter senses from complaining over the strong scent.

“You smell weird.” Tryx wrinkled her nose and sniffed Sophia’s shoulder.

Sophia took a tentative step back in order to put some space between herself and the other woman’s frown. “Um, oh that. You see, I got this dress dry cleaned, and they told me they mixed it with someone’s stuff by mistake, so I think you might smell the other person. I think they were a shifter too. Anyhow, do you have that cake? I don’t want to disappoint Julia with as busy as she’s been lately.”

After another sniff, Tryx’s brow smoothed, and she smiled at Sophia. “Of course. I would never want to see my beautiful new cousin angry. It’s all ready, and I’ve added a bag of cookies just for you.”

She strode to the counter and picked up a white bakery box and a bag. Both were closed and tied with pink and gold ribbon, the shop’s signature colors. After she handed Sophia the box, Tryx stared into her eyes for what felt like an eternity, then gave her a soft warm smile.

Completely sure there must have been something wrong with the water, Sophia was glad to get out from under Tryx’s scrutiny. Not to mention she could smell the cookies in the bag, and her mouth was starting to water. She was sure if she didn’t eat one soon, she’d drool on her dress.

She turned to face the door and almost jumped out of her skin. Five men stood there scrutinizing her. She staggered back with a thread of unease. Shit, hadn’t these guys ever heard of moving to the side to let a lady pass? Or at the very least not blocking the frigging door?

Tryx jumped in front of Sophia and urged her back. Sophia stared at the other woman’s back as Tryx took an aggressive stance.

Growling, Tryx unleashed her claws. The male faces were tense; the men stood rigid as though they wanted to start a fight with her or turn the woman into puppy chow. It made no sense.

The she-wolf snarled loudly and two of her really big, male assistants came out of the back, jumped over the glass counter and were ready to help the angry Tryx.

Sophia wasn’t sure what was going on, but she was grateful when the men walked out the door, even if they did so reluctantly.

She turned to give the pixie wolf her thanks but was cut off before she even started.

“We’ll walk you outside, Sophia. Can you just do me a favor? You’re not stopping anywhere before you go to Julia’s house right?”

Tryx was obviously worried for her, but Sophia had no idea why.

“No, no. This was my one stop. After this it’s straight to her place.” She hoped her response had reassured the wolf sprite. Her stomach cramped, and her eyes darted to the cake box. The sharp needling pain reminded her she’d yet to eat, and damn it all, she was hungry.

“Is Chase going to be there?” Tryx looked hopeful.

“Um, I guess. As far as I know I think it’s just the four of us.” She didn’t really feel comfortable talking about Chase. The thought of him made her hot and bothered, not a good thing as far as she was concerned. That line of thinking was hopeless. Chase was known for his discerning taste.

Picky was his middle name. Sophia had seen one of his girlfriends and was sure the woman came off the cover of For Him Magazine. Only the sexiest feminine bodies in the planet graced that cover. Green with jealousy, Sophia had visualized doing horrible things like calling in Father Dominico and saying the girl was a hooker in need of salvation.

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