Sharp Change(6)

By: Milly Taiden

Growling at having to go outside and get it in her robe, she peered around and saw no one. She ran out onto her front lawn just as two of her neighbors walked out.

Chapter Two

The man across from her, Henry—or was it Harry—had asked her out once, but she’d declined. He grabbed his paper and took a deep breath. His head snapped up, and he looked right at her.

The other man, Richard Lezz, she knew from The Back Door. He was a regular there and made her feel super uncomfortable with his slick toothy smiles and I’m-too-sexy demeanor.

Richard, or Dick as he preferred—although why he’d like to be known as Dick Lezz was beyond her understanding—also took a deep breath and turned to stare in her direction. Then to her consternation, they both started walking toward her.

Something weird was going on with their faces. Dick had never looked so severe, and Harry looked positively feral. Self-preservation made her run into the house and lock the door.

What the fuck?

Taking shallow breaths, she peeked through the peephole and saw them stop in the middle of the street. They stared at her house for a few moments and turned back to their own, walking back slowly and looking at her place every few steps.

What the heck was that about? She was tempted to make the sign of the cross and find some holy water. As she walked back to her room, she decided she’d have to control her mental instability at the barbecue. No need for Chase to know she was halfway past deranged.

She pulled on a charcoal wrap dress and some flat sandals to go with it. Walking to the bathroom she looked at her hair and almost collapsed. When the heck had it grown so long? Had she been ignoring it to the point it now reached her shoulders?

She knew she’d gotten a cut only two weeks ago…hadn’t she? There was no debating she’d been preoccupied with her research; she must not have noticed how long it had gotten. One thing was for sure: that long sleep seemed to have helped her get some color back.

Her skin was positively glowing with vitality, and even her eyes had a clear, gemstone sparkle to them. Hey, maybe now that she actually looked better than just a geeky geneticist, she could find a way to make her vocal chords work in front of FBA Chase.

For some reason she didn’t want to question, she felt the need to check the street before she walked out. Her two neighbors’ reactions had scared the crap out of her. Plus, she didn’t have any weapons to fight big, four-legged, super-fast man-animals…hmm…manimals…now that was funny. She’d made up a new word.

Slapping her mental self back in focus, she reminded herself those two neighbors were part of the shifter group. Thank God for the automatic starter button on her key ring. Her hands made a move toward the hall table and stopped. About to grab her prescription sunglasses, she frowned, lifted a hand to her face, and realized she wasn’t wearing her glasses.

Squealing, she dashed to the bathroom and stared at her eyes all over again. Holy shit! She took in her surroundings with much more accuracy, and her jaw dropped. Her usual myopic vision was gone. It had been replaced with sight so perfect she could see right down to the few strands of hair that littered the floor.

She retrieved her smart phone and made a note of the first evident change that occurred after her accident. She grinned. That was one kind of side effect she wouldn’t argue with. Perfect vision rocked.

Grabbing her black shoulder bag and keys she made a run for the car. Surprisingly, it took her less time than she thought to get to it. She floored it when she saw Dick’s front door opening.

She looked in her rearview mirror and caught him standing in the middle of the street, watching her car speed away.

She stopped at Tryx’s Bakery on her way to Julia’s house to pick up her signature chocolate mousse cake; otherwise she’d find herself with one angry wolf. Tryx’s shop was an absolute delight of yumminess.

There were cakes, cookies, truffles, pastries, assorted specialties, and of course, Tryx’s signature chocolate mousse cake. She only made that by request. Everything was displayed to make the customer want to try it all.

Sophia walked in and was instantly surrounded by enough sweets to give her dentist work for at least six months. Every time she walked into the shop, Sophia was sure she’d gone down the rabbit hole.