Sharp Change(43)

By: Milly Taiden

His nerves stretched taut. She lay pale and limp on the seat behind him, bright red blood trickling from her gunshot wound. Driving like the devil was on his tail, he brought her to the small private clinic reserved for his pack members.

He carried her inside in a frantic rush. The pack doctor met him at the entrance in her operating gear. He followed her to the surgical room and lay Sophia on a bed. After that, he was dragged outside to allow them to work.

His wolf was quiet and sad, seemingly mourning his mate and his children, something Chase refused to do. Sophia was going to be fine, she had to be, or his life would end right along with hers.

* * *

Sophia opened her eyes and winced at the burning in her shoulder. She squinted until she could see clearly. She turned to scan the room and came face to face with a sleeping Chase.

He was sitting on a chair, his hand holding hers, keeping them connected even while he slept. She smiled at the sight of her mate. God, she loved that man. Moving her fingers in his hold, she squeezed his hand, and he jerked awake. He looked like shit.

“How are you feeling?” His voice was hoarse. His other hand lifted to brush a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Thirsty. Little ones?” She tried to talk past the sand in her throat.

Her hand traveled to her tummy, feeling the bump that hadn’t been there before. Her smile widened, knowing she was still nurturing their two precious bundles.

“They’re good, healthy.” He sat beside her on the bed and helped her take a sip of water. Then he fixed the pillows behind her back, allowing her to sit up.


She watched him swallow.

“I almost lost you. I-I can’t lose you.” His voice broke. “I love you.”

She smiled and pulled him down for a soft kiss. “I love you too. So much sometimes I think I’m going even crazier than I normally am, but I wouldn’t trade my feelings for anything in the world.” She looked into his eyes solemnly. “I’m not going anywhere.”

She grinned, and he hugged her tightly, carefully ensuring her injury wasn’t bothered.

She smiled to herself. Who would’ve thought she’d end up with her very own FBA, man-candy Chase? Apparently fantasies did come true, even for geeky scientists.

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