Sharp Change(4)

By: Milly Taiden

He observed his sibling’s mate and immediately thought of Sophia. Julia’s younger sister was petite, remarkably smart, and so hot the air crackled with fire, the temperature going from warm to blistering whenever she was around.

With a body that wouldn’t quit, she made him want to get on his knees and beg. She resembled a 1950s pin-up model, all sexy curves. He pictured himself blowing raspberries in the valley of her luscious breasts. Her hips—dear Lord they were a thing of beauty; all rounded, they showed off her nipped waist to perfection.

Caramel skin, thanks to their Latin heritage, glowed when she smiled as though the sun recently kissed the silky flesh. Her full lips begged him for a kiss every time he got a glimpse of them. It was hell holding back.

Those sexy, sleepy, gray eyes gave her the just-rolled-out-of-bed look and made his cock jerk whenever she turned them his way. Chase was not normally a fan of short hair, but her brown curls had him itching to run his fingers through the silky mass.

Her scent drove him to distraction; she always smelled of peaches and cream. Whenever he was around her, he marveled at her fragrance. If he licked her, would the flavor be as sweet as the scent?

Unfortunately, she wasn’t interested.

Her disinterest was like a slap in the face. He struggled against the impulse to get near her and wrestled his lust for dominance in order to stay away.

Turning toward his brother, he realized River had been saying something while he’d been mentally stripping Sophia and doing all kinds of dirty, probably illegal-in-some-states things to her.

The barrage of sexual thoughts overran his brain like a virus on a hard drive. Whenever her name popped into his head, he got so hard he felt the denim tighten around his cock into a painful unyielding fist.

“So?” River’s brows lifted as he waited for a response.

“So, what?” He winced at his brother’s disgustingly happy smirk. God, just shoot him now. He was going to have to put up with this for how long?

“You weren’t even listening to me were you? I said Sunday Julia and I are having a barbecue, and we want you to come over. It’s not a party, so there’s no need to freak out thinking you’re going to be dodging panties. It’s just the four of us.”

River’s strong features resembled his own—dark hair cut to the nape of his neck and brown eyes that they got from their mother, and the fierce, angular planes of their faces they got from their father.

His brother was a little shorter than Chase’s six foot three. Both were muscular and got a lot of female attention. Of course now his brother was oblivious to any woman but his wife.

“The four of us?” Chase put his empty beer bottle down.

Julia came over, put down a napkin, and plunked down a fresh bottle. She leaned over the counter and gave her husband a quick kiss. Great, so he was going to have to watch them play footsie while Sophia pretended he didn’t exist.

“Did you ask him?” She smiled at River, then turned to Chase.

“I just did, sweetheart. He still hasn’t said if he’s coming.” He grabbed her hand and lifted it to his lips. She stared at him, the heat in their eyes clearly visible for anyone to see.

Julia gave Chase a small frown. “Well? Can you come? I really want you there, Chase.” She gave her husband a small pleasure-filled smile. “We’ve got something we need to tell you guys, but we only want to do it once, so you have to be there.” She grinned. Her eyes sparkled when she spoke.

He’d never seen River as happy as he was since meeting his mate. It made Chase feel uncomfortable to be a voyeur to their love-fest.

“Ah shit, come on Julia, do you honestly think I’d ever say no to you? I’d never hear the end of it from Don Juan over here.” He curled his lip in his trademark smile and winked at his sister-in-law.

Julia was family now, and he did anything in his power to make the females in his family happy. Even if that meant torturing himself to be near the woman of his every dirty fantasy.

She laughed, grabbed Chase’s face, and kissed him loudly on the cheek, which shocked a blush out of him. Fuck, now she was trying to turn him into a domestic animal.

No way, he was alpha and still the dominant leader of his pack.

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