Sharp Change(10)

By: Milly Taiden

Chase’s wolf challenged him for dominance. He wanted to claim Sophia as his mate since he’d gotten a whiff of her sweet scent the first time he’d seen her. The animal could smell her need and wanted to take her as his own. It took every ounce of Chase’s willpower to pull the wolf back and calm him down. The caged beast was horny and wanted out of the skin. He wrapped his arms around Sophia’s waist and held her closer to him.

Her scent drove him wild, every pore in his body yelled for him to take her, lick her body until he stamped himself all over her, to eat her cream and suck on her swollen wet folds over and over while she screamed his name. She was so ready for him that when he licked his lips, he was sure he could taste the honey dripping down her thighs.

Julia grabbed Sophia’s arm and attempted to pull her away from Chase. Sophia growled and burrowed deeper into the heated skin of his neck.

Chase’s head snapped up. “Mine,” he snarled loudly at Julia, baring his teeth in a clear threat.

He watched Julia take a hasty step back into her husband, who had appeared after Sophia had attached herself to him like crazy glue. Chase’s gaze met with River’s, and it was clear from River’s expression that he was trying to make sense of what was happening. River moved Julia behind him for her own safety.

“Chase?” Julia peered over River’s shoulder at him.

The anxiety in her expression cooled some of the sensual haze surrounding him and Sophia. Chase struggled to clear his head. He needed to think, to figure out how Sophia had ended up with not one, but two animals inside. Lifting his head he looked into her lust clouded eyes… Fuck! He needed to get her alone and show her who she belonged to. To claim her. His wolf… His cat… His woman… His mate.

He took a deep breath. “Sophia?”

She ignored his call. The licking and kissing on his neck and jaw made it a challenge to keep his mind on getting answers. His dick had become so hard, he could have sworn it had mummified.

He pulled her arms from around his neck and held her about a foot away, trying to ignore her purring. Fuck but that was hot. Her entire body vibrated, and the sound did something to him that pushed his control to the snapping point.

“Sweetheart, you need to listen to me. Can you hear me?” His voice had become hard, commanding, to show her he was in charge.

Her unfocused gaze peered at him from under dark lashes on a beautiful, flushed face. Her pink tongue licked her plump lower lip. He clenched all his muscles to keep from doing something only a brainless idiot would do, like fucking her in front of his brother and her sister.

There was one sure way he could get her out of her sensual haze, even if for a few minutes. The situation called for him to act. His gut burned with distaste. He called on his animal, who didn’t really want to follow his instructions and upset his mate. It took him a moment of irritated ordering to finally get his wolf to growl at her.

She stopped, frowned, and cocked her head at him, her eyes a little more focused than before. Growling again, he watched as her gaze cleared. It bothered him to have to do it this way, but he refused to mate her without her clearheaded consent. He would not have her regretting her actions later on.

Chapter Three

“Sophia?” Julia looked at her with tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” Sophia asked Julia.

Chase watched as she cleared her passion-dazed eyes and kept swallowing in an attempt to get rid of a dry throat. “I think we all need to sit down, Sophia needs something to drink.”

He motioned for Julia to stroll with her to a lounge chair away from him. If they had any hope of figuring out what had happened to her, he needed to stay away from her, or they would end up right where they were before.

The next time he wouldn’t stop until he was buried so deep inside her they’d need a crowbar to separate them.

River stayed a few steps behind with him. The wind blew his hair into messy threads across his forehead.

River gave him a questioning look. “Did I smell what I think I smelled? Sophia has two animals inside?” Concern and astonishment colored his words. His eyes followed the women as they made their way to the drink table.

Somehow, Chase wasn’t surprised. He’d need to keep better track of his mate, or the woman could get herself into a heap of trouble and not even realize it.

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