Secret Surrender

By: Priscilla West

Chapter One

I woke up cradled by a pair of tan, muscular arms and sighed contentedly. This time I knew immediately where I was: Vincent’s bedroom. He was playing big spoon to my little, and as I lay there reminiscing, the previous twelve hours played through my memory in a pleasant haze. Vincent had, on balance, been very supportive about the situation with my ex-boyfriend Marty. I hadn’t wanted to talk to him about it so early in our dating—I hadn’t even told Riley until yesterday—but after seeing how it worked out I felt much better.

Turning over, I took in his handsome face breathing slowly and smoothly. His distinctive masculine scent was becoming familiar, which was both comforting and a major turn on. He slept like a man without a care in the world, and yet I knew anybody running a business as large as his had plenty to worry about. I admired his ability to deal with stress.

Over his shoulder I read the bright green digits of his alarm clock: it was only six-thirty. My mind immediately went to dirty places; my sex drive had always been mediocre at best but now it was through the roof.

I ran my hand down his sculpted abs toward the impressive cock below and was pleasantly surprised to find him hard. He had morning wood. It was difficult to take credit for turning him on while he was still sleeping, but wrapping my hand around him even through the soft cotton of his boxer briefs still made me wet. I softly ran my fingers up and down his shaft, eager to pull him out of his underwear.

He stirred. “Feel something you like?” he grunted sleepily. His eyes were half open and he looked sexy as he wiped them and yawned like a lion.

“I was feeling jealous of whoever was turning you on while you slept,” I said coyly.

“You shouldn’t be. You’ve been the only woman in my dreams for a while now.”

I giggled, unsure if his claim could possibly be true. He knew what to say to make me feel special, at least.

“Nothing like the real thing, though.” He kissed me on the forehead and moved his arm under me, cupping both buttocks through my underwear. “I like the way you look first thing in the morning.”

I was sure my hair was a total mess, and my makeup was probably all over the place, but I blushed at the compliment anyway. Vincent, with his wavy hair and manly stubble, was built to look amazing right out of bed. I was jealous of how effortless it was for him to look as enticing as he did.

Leaving his erection for a moment, I planted my hand on his hard stomach and scooted myself up to smooch him on the lips.

He kissed me back more passionately than I’d anticipated, his tongue probing against my mouth. I broke the kiss and started another, this time ready, and our tongues wrestled playfully. I could see myself waking up to this on a more frequent basis.

Smiling against his mouth, I reached down toward his waist and slipped my hand beneath the elastic band of his underwear to grip the throbbing head of his cock. He was so hard I shuddered, imagining how he would feel inside of me. My pussy ached in anticipation of the way it would stretch around him.

His grip on my butt tensed before he picked me up and turned me onto my back, never breaking our kiss. Only once I was down did he grab the hand holding his cock and pin it to the bed.

He leaned down and nibbled on my ear, his hot breath tickling me. “I have to get to work,” he whispered.

My heart sank. I’d been looking forward to one more round of sex before I had to return to reality. “Okay,” I said.

When I moved to sit up, he smiled and easily pinned my shoulders down to the bed with his free hand.

“I said I have to get to work. You stay put.”

Before I could answer him, he moved lower until his face was between my legs. I half straightened in surprise, ready to tell him he didn’t have to do that, but quickly threw my head back on the pillow. My fingers gripped the sheets as the sensation of his tongue fluttering around my pussy radiated through my body.

He looked up at me and grinned.

“You remember me telling you that you have a beautiful cunt last night, right? Because it’s gorgeous and glistening for me right now.”

I closed my eyes. “It wants you inside,” I said, not wanting to see the expression on his face. Talking dirty still made me feel uncomfortable but it was rapidly becoming second nature.