Secret Daddy

By: Lucy Wild



From my chair in the corner I could see her perfectly. She stood naked, her back to me, her feet together, her arms by her sides. She looked vulnerable. She looked innocent. She looked ready to be taken.

Although I was in the shadows, she was lit by bright halogens set into the ceiling. These private rooms were designed in great detail to allow men like me to watch, to observe, to prepare. I would only step out into the light when she was in the correct position, something she couldn’t possibly know, given that it was her first time here at the club.

Her body held my attention, making it increasingly difficult to wait. The curve of her buttocks drew my eye and I knew I couldn’t last any longer. I had to stand up and take the final step towards making her submit. After this, she would be mine.

I got up out of the leather armchair, taking one step forward before stopping. Her breathing had changed. She was becoming more nervous with every second. The door was not locked. She still had a chance to run. It was her last chance because once my hands were on her body, she wouldn’t be going anywhere until I finished with her.

I took another step forward, the only sound other than her laboured breathing was that of my footstep on the wooden floor. It echoed around the room as I paused again, my cock throbbing with desire at the sight of her, the way the light brought out the softness of her skin, the curve of her body. She looked incredible and for one night, she was all mine.

Another step and then I was standing directly behind her. I reached forward and took hold of her right wrist. The merest touch made her jump in shock. Her breathing changed again, growing more heavy with each passing second. I loved the way it changed, the fear radiating off her, the apprehension, the way she was aching to be mine, if only she would give up the pretensions of modesty, let herself submit to me.

Lifting her arm, I pushed her hand through the loop of rope dangling from the ceiling. Without a word, I let go, smiling as I saw her leave her hand where I had placed it. She was as malleable as a doll. Lifting her left arm, I soon had both wrists in place through the rope. Then with a single tug, the knot tightened and she was bound in place, her wrists trapped in the loop of rope. She would not be able to move away without my permission. Her chance to escape had gone.

Reaching into my pocket, I brought out the blindfold they’d provided me. Slipping it over her head, I set it on the bridge of her nose, tying the straps behind her, leaning in, breathing in the scent of her, my face brushing the back of her neck, making her shudder.

Once the blindfold was in place, I pressed myself against her back, sliding my hands around her sides, finding her tits, the nipples already rock hard in anticipation of what was coming. I tweaked them until she gasped, giving her a hint of the delicious pain that was to come.

I kissed the back of her neck as I roughly groped her tits, my cock straining in my boxer shorts, wanting to be in her. I knew how good it would feel to fuck her but I wasn’t going to rush things. I’d tried to resist her for a hell of a long time. Now I’d given in to my desire, I had no intention of wasting this opportunity. One night was all we had and I was going to drag out every second until she screamed for the release only I could give her. Bound in place, she would be unable to do anything but let me enjoy her body and I was going to enjoy every inch of it.

Stepping back, I brought my hand to my side and then whipped it down onto her ass, loving that smacking sound of the first spank of many. She let out a shriek of shock, twisting her hips, trying to escape my hand as it fell on her again.

I wanted to keep spanking her but her body was calling out to me and my hunger was becoming insatiable. It had been a long time. I reached round her hips, settling her back in place, waiting until she was still again. She was doing well. Having been forbidden from speaking, she was managing to remain silent throughout being bound, throughout being spanked and even as my hands slid round her hips, moving down over the perfectly smooth skin above her pussy, she didn’t utter a word.

And what a pussy it was. My fingers slid further over the smooth folds, bringing a deep moan from her when I nudged over her clit. She was already soaking wet and in a second, I was pushing a finger up into her. She lifted herself onto tiptoes, as if trying to escape me, still trying to deny who she really was. She was my submissive little girl and sooner or later, she would admit it to herself and then she’d be free of the stress of trying to pretend she was something else, someone else.