Scorch:A Soldiers of Fortune Romance

By: Aubrey Irons

(Military Bad Boy Romance)

An Excerpt:

"I'm trying to save you."

She barks out a sneering laugh; "I don’t need saving; not from you."

"Get close to me and you will," I growl.

Get close to me and I'll destroy you, even if I don't want to and even if I do everything on Earth to try and stop it. It'll still happen, because that's just me and the fucked up reverse Midas touch that follows me. Good things wither and die around me, and something as bright and as pure as her doesn't stand a fucking chance.

"I'm a big girl."

"I'm a bad man."

My hand slides up her arm, and before I can stop myself, I’m snaking it around her waist, exploring the curve of her hip as I pull her closer. I want to push her away - I know I should push her away - but I can’t even begin to conceive of doing that right now. Not when she feels so fucking good under my touch.

"My job is to catch bad men and lock them up," She whispers quietly, her eyes still flashing heat and fire as she matches my own hot gaze with her own.

"That a fact, princess?" I move closer, pulling her against me; "You think you can catch me? Think you can put me anywhere I don’t want to go?" I growl, my jaw tightening.

"I always get what I go after.“

"Not me."

She's so close, and my pulse is roaring like a lion ready to pounce in for the kill. I'm such bad news for her, but if she says one more fucking word, I’m going to take her right here and right now. I'm going to claim her, make her mine, and have her screaming my name as she comes like it's the last name on Earth.

"I’m a bad, bad man, princess," I say with fire and danger on my breath.

"Oh yeah?" She swallows and looks at me defiantly; "Prove it." She whispers.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I yank her body against mine as my mouth crashes against hers, and I feel her absolutely melt into me.

She tastes like heaven and moves against me like original sin as her hands snake into my hair, pulling me into her. I push us backwards, pressing her against the side of the flat-top rock near the fire, pressing myself against every sweet delicious curve of her body.

Her hands slip down to my shirt, hastily, like she's desperate for it. She yanks at it, tearing it over my head as I let her go just enough to get the thing off my head before I'm crushing myself against her again. I'm pressing her hard against the rock at the small of her back before I slip my hand down to her ass. I grab her tightly, my strong hands gripping and kneading the supple flesh there as I lift her up and into my arms. Her legs wrap around my waist as I push her up and back onto the flat top of the rock.

My cock is rock hard in my pants and straining for release. But I know what I need first; I know what I've been craving and dying for since the second I saw her in that bikini down by the pool.

I push her back down onto the rock, and she's gasping as I break our kiss. But my hands are yanking the button and the zipper of her cutoffs down, and she whimpers as I grab them and tear them down and off her perfect legs right along with her panties.

She blushes and moves to curl her legs beneath herself, but I grab her thighs tightly in my hands as my eyes drag up her body to her eyes.

"Show me," I growl, and I see her face flush with desire as she slowly nods, biting her lip so coyly as she lets me pull her legs apart.

"You arrogant prick."

"You uptight little tease."

"Fuck me," she groans into my ear; "Fuck me like you mean it.”

“You’ve been a bad, bad boy, Javier.”

The punch to the gut that immediately follows Warden Juan-Carlos Gustavo’s words knocks the wind from my lungs. But, it doesn’t do shit to knock the grin off my face. The real tragedy here is that the irony of Señor Gustavo’s wife saying the same thing to me not thirty minutes before - albeit in slightly different circumstances - is probably going to be lost on him and his men.

Not, of course, that it’s going to stop me from saying it anyways.