Scent of a Mate(9)

By: Milly Taiden

Forget what?

She struggled to keep from passing out from excitement. There was clear promise of an orgasm in his eyes, and she wasn’t passing it up. Fascinated, she held her breath. He pulled back the torn pieces, as if unwrapping a present. She was a big girl, no doubt about that. Hell, she’d always been a bit self-conscious of her plus size, which was why she tended to be a bit rough around the edges with most men. But right at that moment, with Aric’s gorgeous grey eyes trained on her like she was the sexiest woman on earth, she couldn’t feel insecure.

“Beautiful.” He groaned and rubbed his nose on her chest. Her nipples tightened at the first puff of warm air from his mouth before being suctioned between his lips.

She whimpered and lifted her back off the ground to shove her breast further into his mouth. He sucked her hard. Each suck sent a direct jolt down to her clit and made her pussy grasp at nothing. Her eyes shut on their own accord. Turbulent emotions spread through her.

Need. Lust. Hunger.

All those times where she’d been fantasizing about Aric’s sexy mouth had nothing on reality. The twirls of his tongue on her felt like slides of satin. It was hot. It was wet. It was going to make her come.

“Oh, dear God.” She gripped the soft strands of his hair in her fists.

Suck, lick, nibble, and repeat.

That quick mounting pleasure made her frantic. Her yoga pants were yanked from under her, but she couldn’t find the focus to care. Instead, she spread her legs wide in welcome. She snapped her eyes open and went from seeing the full moon to glancing down at him rubbing his face on her inner thigh.


She’d ignore the whole caveman wolf man thing he had going right now. She knew he was much more animal than man from the looks of his tight features. There was also the fact that he was breathing on her pussy, and just the puffs of his hot breath were pushing her to pleasure’s edge.

She wiggled and lifted her ass off the grass, hoping he got the hint. He pushed her legs wider apart to fit his bulky muscled shoulders. Anticipation simmered in her chest. Her lips were dry from all the panting.

“Aric––” His name turned into a strangled moan the moment his cool tongue flicked a tight circle around her clit. Passion blazed through her blood stream in a quick burst of speed straight to her pussy. He went all in, licking her pussy and sucking her clit with the speed equivalent to one of her personal toys. Then he growled. The sound coupled with the vibration sent a wave of desire rippling through her body. Within seconds, she was hurtled into her orgasm. She gripped his hair, digging her nails into his scalp while pleasure spread through her.

Before she had a moment to catch her breath, he had her on her stomach. On her hands and knees, she was still panting and trying to figure out how in the world he’d made her come in under two minutes. Not even her most expensive vibrator had that kind of record. The soft caress of his calloused rough hands down her back made her glance over her shoulder. His eyes were glowing. Hair had sprouted from his sides and he was biting his lip.


“I want you so bad, Jordan.” It was hard to make out the words through the rough deep tone. She could tell how hard it was for him to hang on to his human side.

She met his gaze, held it for a moment and spoke with clear soft words. “So take me.”

Her breath caught at the possession in his eyes. “I wasn’t asking for permission. You’re already mine.”

Well, damn. He moved behind her, caging her. Arousal bloomed with each lick he did down her spine. She shivered. The feel of his tongue on her skin was sensational, like a soft brush sweeping down her back. She fisted her hands in the grass, uncaring what she grabbed to brace herself. His tongue continued its downward journey until he licked a slow trail between her cheeks, went around her hole, and stopped at her pussy.

“Shit!” He growled.

She glanced over her shoulder at his tight features. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have protection.”

“I...I’ve never been with anyone without a condom,” she admitted. “But I want you too and I’m on the pill. I know you don’t carry diseases.”