Scent of a Mate(8)

By: Milly Taiden


Oh God.

He was naked and right above her. She couldn’t help it that her vision shot down south. Her gaze raced down his muscular golden torso, down the tribal ink lines covering his arms and chest, and zoomed onto his very hard cock.


He chuckled. “Thanks.”

She tore her gaze away from his erection, as much as that hurt, and caught the humor dancing in his eyes. He was enjoying her awe. Bastard.


“Jordan,” he mimicked. He loved doing that to her—pressing her buttons to see her react.

“Are that normal?” She glanced down to his ever-growing hard-on and licked her lips.

“That’s pretty normal whenever I’m turned on.” His voice sounded deeper than usual, rough.

She was having a hard time following the conversation. All she wanted to do was gape at his cock again to see if it had grown some more.

“What part turned you on, the fighting or the shoving your muzzle into my crotch?” She watched his eyes glow in the darkness. Knowing that he still had the animal right under the skin made her very perverted mind more excited. How she would be able to deny her arousal with the super slick pussy and drenched panties, she had no idea.

He sniffed and growled, dropping his body flush over hers. She gasped. Her hormones went into a frenzy at the feel of his hard muscled flesh. Sure there were rocks poking at her back and only God knew what insects crawling under them, but for the life of her, she couldn’t find it in her to care about any of that. The heat emanating from his warm body intoxicated her senses.

She bit her lip to keep from moaning. He moved and rubbed the inside of her thighs with his erection. She kept her eyes trained on his. One sharp inhale and she had no idea what happened next, nor did she care. All she knew was that his very sexy lips were on hers, kissing her. A deep soul-reaching branding that made her toes curl in her trainers. The kiss was so hot and passionate she’d swear it was melting the spandex off her body.

Reaching up, she twined her fingers into his soft hair. She gave up pretending that she didn’t want him. Who cared at this point? He was kissing her so damn well she only knew one thing—she wanted more.

Arousal thickened in her blood, growing by leaps and bounds with each swipe of his tongue over hers. She whimpered at his bold strokes. He delved into her, fanning the flames with his drugging moves and making her panties soaked with the small rocking of his hips between her legs. Her clit was thrumming with the need to come. If he continued with his rocking into her, she would any second. She raked her nails down his arms and his back, until she was digging her nails into his ass and hauling him into her.

He growled. The rumble traveled through their kiss and down her body, shooting sparks of lust down to her core.

She caressed up and down his back, gripping and squeezing his muscles. Liquid fire spread through her veins, heightening her need for him. She couldn’t get enough air into her lungs. As if reading her mind, he moved to kiss and suck her jaw, nibbling down her throat to her shoulder. She moaned. He rocked his hips again and holy god of men with large penises she’d swear stars burst behind her lids.

“God damn, you’re good at that.” She heard her own breathless voice say the words filled with surprise.

He grinned. “How good?” His breath was right above the wide neckline of her tank top.

She blinked and glanced down. He was watching her while tracing the top of her breasts with a fingernail that should be on his wolf half. Why in the hell did the song How Low Can You Go pop into her head? Stupid random music.

“Good enough to almost make me forget there are all kinds of creepy crawlies in the grass under me. Around me. Likely climbing on my legs.” She shuddered. Not at the possibility of bugs, but at the wicked smile he had on his sexy lips. She may have to do some community service to be forgiven for all the really dirty things she imagined that sexy mouth doing to her.

She watched him grip the neckline of her black tank top and tear through the material right down the middle, taking her bra along the way, with his razor-sharp claws. His nostrils flared and he licked his lips.

“I bet I can make you forget all of it,” he whispered.