Scent of a Mate(7)

By: Milly Taiden

The wolf’s features turned darker, as if angered by her words. Trust her to piss off an already angry wolf. Nice.

A deeper growl made her jerk her head to the right. Another wolf stood there. His gaze locked on the brown. She knew this wolf. The thick black coat with the white paws and muzzle belonged to only one man. Aric.

The standoff was making her stomach queasy, and her stupid outfit was itching like crazy. Aric’s wolf took three steps and stood in front of her. The brown growled and launched toward them.

Oh hell.

Aric shoved the wolf off. The brown whimpered from a bite, but the stupid thing didn’t stop. It went for her again. Aric snarled, digging his paws into the brown fur and biting down on the brown’s neck. She winced.

With the branch in her grasp, she watched the brown lower its head in submission. Apparently that was enough for Aric. He let go of the wolf and turned to her. The brown took Aric’s distraction to jump in her direction, but she’d been watching the wolf closely. She had a feeling he wouldn’t give up so easily. Her vision sharpened, and she focused on the animal leaping toward her. She swung the branch with all her might and heard the sound of bone cracking as it made impact with the wolf’s face. He landed on his side with a thud. Aric stood and shoved at the other wolf, growling at it and snarling a warning. The other animal left, limping and whimpering. Every few steps he’d turn and glare at her.

The burst of adrenaline rushing through her made her continue to grip the branch. She stared at the location the other wolf had left through, waiting to see if he would turn around and attack. Something brushed her leg, taking her concentration from the other animal and bringing it back to the present. Shit. Aric had found her. She glanced down at the black and white wolf, which reminded her so much of a Dalmatian.

“Er... Aric?” She whispered. Her throat went dry. This was the man she’d wanted since forever and his muzzle was level with her privates.

Aric cocked his head, sniffing her hand. She dropped the branch, opened her fist, and allowed him to sniff her palm. He licked her. He was so cute in his wolf form. Maybe if she saw him as a pet instead of the sexy man she knew he was, she’d be able to get through this without letting him know how badly she wanted the human version of him. That could have happened, really, it could have, if he hadn’t shoved his muzzle into her crotch. Her breath swooshed out of her as she stood there in shock.

He. Was. Sniffing. Her. Pussy.

And she didn’t know what to do. Granted, she’d wanted the man for years, but for him to just shove his face down there was pretty weird. Where was the romance, the dinners, the dates? Hell, why did she start visualizing Aric as a man shoving his face in her crotch? He was in his wolf shape for cripes sake. She needed a mental evaluation pronto.

“Aric!” She squeaked, trying to shove the big furry head out of her crotch. He was sniffing, and his hot breath tickled right through her thin spandex yoga pants. He growled, shoving his muzzle further between her thighs.

“Cut it out! This is wrong on so many levels. Probably in different species levels too.” She swallowed hard, took a step back, but he followed.

Then, just as quick as he shoved himself between her thighs, and not in the way she wished he would, he backed out. He stepped around her in a full circle, sniffing her from every angle. What the hell? Did she stink? He did another round and stopped behind her, and shoved his face into her butt. “Whoa! Get your perverted furry face out of there or I will shove my foot up your ass and tell your mother.”

He growled. And she’d swear it sounded as if he’d laughed at her, but he did pull his muzzle out of her ass. Point one for her.

She glanced over her shoulder at the clearing, where Kelly stood in the dead center, waiting. What the hell was she waiting for? Jordan didn’t get a chance to find out. All of a sudden she was tackled to the ground.

“What the hell—?” Aric was caging her. His big furry wolf stood over her. “Aric?”

He dropped, bringing his muzzle right to her face. The bright grey eyes mesmerized her. The harsh untamed beauty of his animal face beckoned her, and she watched him change before her eyes. This close it was like something out of a movie. She’d always taken glimpses, but she’d never seen him go from wolf to man, only man to wolf. The muzzle flattened until his bone structure took on the sharp lines and angles of the future Alpha. His shaggy, black hair dropped forward, almost covering his face. The moon, high and full, gave her the ability to visually lick from his bristly jaw down his tattooed naked body.

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