Scent of a Mate(55)

By: Milly Taiden

“This is private property. Our property. The only people in the area are part of our pack, and they don’t trespass.” He tugged her toward the trees.

She glanced around the forest, looking for people. “What about Caleb and his uncle? What happens with that?” She let him lead her further.

“That’s not over yet. Caleb has been given some time to deal with his uncle Rocco and take the control of his pack back. He needs to move. Rocco is known to hire rogues for his dirty deeds. Caleb has to take over.”

“And if he doesn’t?” She worried for Ellie. Now that she was happy, she wanted all her friends happy too.

He led her into the thick of the forest, where the sun had to fight to peek in through the branches. “We’ll step in. We don’t want to, which is why we’ve given him time.”

She gnawed at her lip. Her heart constricted for Ellie. Jordan knew things with Caleb’s pack were far from over.

He stopped short, turned, and cupped her face. “I want you.”

That’s all she needed to hear. All thoughts of the danger and negativity rushed out of her mind. She’d always want him and she was glad that he felt the same need for her. Fur pushed at her skin and she knew her own wolf wanted free.