Scent of a Mate(5)

By: Milly Taiden

Jordan laughed. “We’re all eaters. I don’t see a single skinny person here. Now go. We have take-out in the oven. We’ll eat now that you’re all here.”

She followed the others into the dining room. For as long as she could remember the five of them being friends, Ellie had always been the worrywart in the group. Though the others had met the Wolfe’s back in college, she and Ellie had been friends the longest. It worried Jordan to see Ellie so quiet. Somehow, she knew that the scenting ceremony was not as simple for Ellie as she made it sound. While her family may not be putting pressure on her to mate, it was probably not the case with the others in the pack.

“Alright! Pizza!” Nicole cheered.

“Thank God. I swear I could eat a horse.” Emma rubbed her stomach dramatically.

Jordan lifted a brow. “Um, didn’t you already eat horse when you did that stint in China during your semester abroad?”

“Hell no. I did take a stab at the fried bugs, but I just couldn’t go past a single bite.” She wrinkled her nose.

Nicole grimaced. “Damn woman, I couldn’t even take the one bite. You got bigger balls than me.”

“It has been established that Emma has bigger balls than most men.” Jordan ran her fingers through her hair.

“Will you all get in here already? You know I can hear you, and I’d like to participate in how big Emma’s balls are,” Ellie yelled.

They brought the warm pizza boxes into the living room. Jordan opened a new bottle of wine and maneuvered it with the extra glasses onto the coffee table.

“Alright. Now that we are all here, I need to inform you that Ellie has agreed to let us watch the scenting ceremony.”

Everyone spoke at the same time.

Emma lifted her wineglass. “That’s awesome!”

“Finally,” Nicole said between pizza bites.

Karla laughed. “Leave it to Jordan to wear the poor woman down.”

“Hey, I resent that. I will have you know. I did not wear her down. I may have offered my first born, ninety percent of my paycheck for a year, and a possible front seat to some Broadway show, but that’s it.” Jordan leaned back on her easy chair, the single item in her house she’d bought not caring about how it went with the décor. The fluffy chair was like being snuggled by a giant pair of warm hands. It had an automatic heater and massager. Hell, not that she’d tell her friends, but one of the reasons she’d bought it was because the damn thing started vibrating under her ass at the store. She’d gotten embarrassed and excited at the time. Oh, the possibilities.

“So,” Emma, the other bossy one in the group other than Jordan started, “what’s the plan?”

Jordan laughed, holding the glass of wine by her lips. “It’s going to be a long night.”

* * *

Chapter Two

“I’m ready,” Jordan whispered.

Emma had gone full commando mode and made everyone wear black outfits and earpieces to stay in constant communication. Emma loved all things action, so it hadn’t surprised Jordan that she’d tried to get them all to look like they came out of Mission Impossible.

“This is Karla. I’m ready too.”

“You guys are supposed to say over,” Emma hissed over the line.

“This is Nicole. Ready also. And over what?”

“When you finish saying something, you’re supposed to say ‘over’ like in the movies,” Emma said.

“But this isn’t a movie. And why would I say over?” Karla whispered.

“This is the most action we’re going to see in a while. Can we at least make it interesting?” Emma tried to make their simple mission into a scene from Die Hard.

“We are wearing frigging black spandex for you. I draw the line at painting lines on my face and hauling army gear. I am not going to end each thing I say with over.” And just for the hell of it, Jordan grinned and added, “Over.”

“Shhh. They’re going to hear us!” Emma chastised.

Jordan rolled her eyes. “They can’t hear us. We’re so far away we need binoculars. Now, everyone be serious, this is an important mission we’re doing.”

“Okay, so now that we all know we’re at our designated spots, we just do the videotaping all the way through?” Karla sounded breathless. What the heck was she doing?