Scent of a Mate(15)

By: Milly Taiden

They took their drinks to the living room. Jordan sat in her leather chair and Ellie set up the flat screen with Jordan’s laptop. Moments later, they were watching one of the videos they’d recorded.

“What happened with all those people we saw last night?” Jordan wondered about the brown wolf that’d tried to take a nibble out of her.

“Some of them came from pretty far way. They’re staying in the area for a bit with my father’s permission to explore and get to know some of our females.”

“What about Marco and Kelly? What happens with them now?” The screen changed to a shot of two wolves entering the clearing. She’d guess Kelly was the smaller of the two. With a light grey fur, she looked like a Husky instead of a wolf. Marco’s animal was brown and almost twice the size of the grey. The bigger wolf circled the grey. He shoved his muzzle into her butt. What the––?

“They mate now. He’s already marked her.”

She continued to watch the wolf sniff Kelly’s wolf all over. Then it was her turn. Jordan’s gaze was glued to the screen, watching the small wolf sniff at the larger one. She sat transfixed. The two wolves shifted into full humans. Naked humans. Even though she knew it would happen, it still felt like she was intruding on a private moment.

“He marked her?”

Passion flared in Kelly and Marco’s eyes as they watched each other. Kelly lifted a hand slowly and brought it to his face. He inhaled. His eyes glowed bright gold. He hauled her into him. Their bodies were pressed tight together like a couple making love, like she’d been with Aric just hours ago.

“Yes. Didn’t you watch?” Ellie’s eyes widened.

“Yes, but you know I had to...” What the hell could she say? She picked lint off her robe, ignoring the heat crowding her face. “I had to stay on alert so we didn’t get caught.”

Ellie giggled. “Right.”

Was her friend making fun of her? She stopped the video. It was getting a little too erotic. She was still all kinds of turned on, and the last thing she needed was Ellie to sniff that.

“So tell me what you want me to do now?” Jordan asked about the book and the original plan of putting the entire ceremony in details for her family’s library.

“Write it all out as you see it.”

Jordan crossed her arms over her chest. “Do you mind if I go back to the clearing?” It’d be easier to get a feel for what to write if she was down at the spot where it took place.

“No, but you do need to be careful. We still have out-of-towners and they may be in the area.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be careful. I don’t want any close encounters of the sharp teeth kind.” Once was enough.

Chapter Four

Instinct told Jordan to get out of the clearing the moment she set foot there. But had she listened? Nope. That would have been too easy. Instead, she’d started taking photos and visualizing what happened there. Then she glanced up to the spot she knew she’d been at when Aric found her.

That’s how the two white wolves found her. At first she’d been distracted, remembering the night with Aric. Leaves crunched. She glanced around, finally noticing the wolves. Unease bounced around her stomach, twisting her insides into knots. The two animals watched her. Without taking her eyes off them, she pulled out an air horn and a bottle of pepper spray from her bag.

“Hello. I’m friends with the Wolfe family.” She kept her voice steady.

The smaller one of the two took a step closer and sniffed. She’d started to calm, hoping the animals realized she wasn’t lying.

The little white wolf growled, initiating a mimicked snarl from the larger wolf. And then she was running for her car being chased by two wolves.

Branches and trees zoomed past her. Growls sounded so close behind her, she knew they were doing it to scare her. Goddammit, it was working. Her heart pounded hard in her chest. Fear, something she absolutely hated with every fiber of her being, filled her until it was hard to breathe. Her mind whirled, but she didn’t know what to do. Ahead, she saw a thick tree with broken off branches. Focused solely on the branches, she ran for it.

Thankful for all the tree climbing she’d done in the summers as a kid, she grabbed on to those branches and hauled her ass up that tree faster than superman going around Earth’s orbit.

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