Scent of a Mate(10)

By: Milly Taiden

He caressed her ass, squeezing at her cheeks hard. “Are you sure?”

God, yes. A soft whimper escaped her throat. “I’m sure.”

She hung her head and waited. And oh God was it worth it. Her breath caught in her throat as he slipped the head of his cock into her sleek channel.

“Oh my...”

He was thick, but he didn’t stop. In one slow glide, he was stretching her pussy and filling her so tight she felt her lungs fighting for air. His chest plastered to her back. His hot breath tickled her shoulder. One quick pull and an even faster thrust, and fire rushed her insides. He did it again and again, driving her mindless with each slap of skin on skin. In no time she was at the edge of the pleasure cliff, willing and ready to take the leap for him. Her body tightened until she was ready to burst out of her skin.


“Yes, Jordan. Mine.”

The rumble was almost unintelligible, but she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying hearing him say she was his, even if only for that one moment.

“Say it!” He snarled.

Her pussy constricted around his driving cock. Maybe she was delusional to even consider voicing that. It didn’t matter. Thinking how badly she wanted him pushed the words out. “Yes, Aric. I’m yours.”

She’d swear that was the moment he lost control. He fucked her with the precision of a jackhammer. Hard. Deep. Rough. She begged him to continue. She didn’t know what was happening, but her body had never been this ready to explode from the inside. She had tuned everything out but her need for him.

He snarled. His cock felt like hot steel inside, branding her. She whimpered, and then she flew. And just when she thought it couldn’t possibly get any more intense, he bit her. The feel of his teeth, sinking into her shoulder, the pain and the pleasure he was giving her at the same time turned out to be too much.

The tension inside her shattered into a million pieces. Everything went into hyper mode. She’d never done drugs, but she’d swear this was how it felt to be high. Colors burst behind her lids. Pleasure took center stage and she might have screamed, or moaned, or both. Hell, at that point, she might have called him God. She was too involved in the feelings of joy filling her and spreading through her body to notice any of that. What she did know was that he roared. Really loud.


His cock thickened inside her, until she’d swear he was going to split her in half with the harsh thrusts. Mini orgasms rocked her core. Her pussy sucked him deep, and he came in quick jerky thrusts. His snarls were sexy as hell as he bathed her insides with his warm semen.

He flipped them, and she was over him while he lay on the ground. Their sweaty bodies were glued together with perspiration. Fire, passion, and need filled his gaze, along with that possession she had come to like seeing there.

She brought her lips down to his, meshing them together in one wet wild tangle of tongues. Later she’d think about what happened; right now she wanted to feel.

* * *

Chapter Three

“Aric? Are you listening, son?” His mother watched him with intense curiosity from her spot at the kitchen island. She’d just placed a platter of sandwiches on the center of the table while she was prepping the afternoon meal. There were multiple large cuts of steak out for grilling along with various ears of corn and foil wrapped potatoes.

“Not really.” Why lie? She’d know the truth anyway. It was one of the parts about being his kind he could do without. He watched his brother, Mason, stare at his beer deep in thought. Hell, now that he wasn’t so self-involved in his own memories of the previous night, he noticed his other brothers were all very quiet. Each of them was avidly staring holes into the kitchen table or their drink.

“I said that I invited all those young women for you boys to get to know better.” She tsked.

One thing Barbara Wolfe didn’t like was to be ignored. His mother was not going to stop trying to match make until all her children were mated and had little cubs in the oven.

“While I don’t care for the Alpha of the central pack, I allowed him to send his daughters here in the effort to see if you boys would find any of them mate material,” his father stated. He walked up to the island and kissed Aric’s mother.