By: LP Lovell



I feel sick… and stupid. Really stupid.

Hugo smiles at me cockily, but the usual teasing glint in his eye is missing. He drags his hand through his messy blonde hair, the muscles of his bare torso flexing in a way that can make a woman lose all her inhibitions. And I have, willingly. Many times.

I glance at the girl who is tied to the bed, her wrists bound to the metal frame. She’s panting, her skin flushed in an all too familiar post orgasmic glow.

“You brought a friend?” She gasps, with a sensual smile. “That’ll cost you more.” She raises a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

His eyes never leave mine as I stand there in the doorway mutely. I should have expected this but I didn’t. Hugo and I are, well, what I suppose you could call friends with benefits. He’s an absolute dog. He’s the guy mothers warn their daughters about. He will fuck you and chuck you without a backward glance. He’ll leave you trembling and begging for more, but he will leave you nonetheless. The thing is though, I knew all of this before I ever spread my legs for him. I trusted that I could guard myself against him, and embrace all the orgasms he had to offer me. What I didn’t realise is just how infectious he is. He’s always smiling, quick to laugh, and captivating to be around. Hugo is…liberating, a walk on the wild side. He’s the dance with danger that girls like me crave.

He’s an animal though. I have told myself this a thousand times. Every time I fuck him, I swear it will be the last, but he seduces me mind and body. He gives me something that I didn’t even know I needed, and now I crave it. I’m an intelligent woman, and yet when it comes to him, I’m so incredibly stupid. As proved by the naked body currently tied to his bed, whilst I’m standing here in the doorway like a total twat.

“You can join in if you want sweetness.” He winks at me, his blue eyes dancing wickedly. I glance at the whore on the bed and fight the urge to vomit. Really?

“I’m not into sharing, but thanks. I’m sure she cost a pretty penny.” I nod towards the hooker, a mocking smile on my face.

He steps toward me, closing the space between us and wrapping his hand around the back of my neck. My skin tingles and my heart kicks up a gear. Everything about him is so overtly sexual. Fuck. Even with a bloody hooker in the room he can still make my body want him. Bastard.

He leans forward until his lips brush my ear. “She did.” He whispers. “But she’s still not as good as you. Come and show her how it’s done.” I can hear the smile in his voice.

I take a deep breath and step out of his grasp. Enough is enough. I can’t play these games. I’m not like him. I’m the good girl, the one that will get hurt, and he…he’s as bad as it gets. It’s time to walk away.

I muster as much front as I can and meet his eyes. “Well that is a shame then. I was going to say that I hope she was worth it. Apparently not.” I shrug.

I don’t wait for his response.

I turn on my designer heel and stride out of the sleek apartment over-looking the Thames. I’m done.

If you play with fire, you will get burned. Lesson learned.



Two months later…

“So you own this club?”

I smirk, and glance at her bottom lip where she’s chewing it nervously. I can’t remember her name. Wait, did I even ask? Doubtful. “I do.”

She smiles. If there is one sure fire way into a woman’s pants, it’s money. Fuck knows why. I’m hardly going to buy her a car for her efforts. She follows me, as we move away from the main part of the club. My bloody security team had issues and needed to use the office, which means my fuck pad is out of order. I figure the corridor by the fire escape is good enough. Hell, I’d fuck her in the middle of the club. I don’t care. She might though, and the last thing I need is a guaranteed lay getting pissed off because I tried to make her blow me in the VIP section.

I turn and press her up against the wall. I have the boner from hell. Rambo is fucking gagging for a ride. She gasps, and grins as I press her back into the wall. She’s not my usual type, not that I really have a type. I don’t discriminate when it comes to pussy. I do however tend to lean towards the nasty ones. I like a girl who fucks like a hooker who needs to make rent. This one…well, she’s a little on the innocent side, young looking, but she’ll do.