By: Aria Cage

“Yeah, Connor,” I mimic trying to keep a straight face.

Connor throws his palms up. “No, no, no. I’m Switzerland. I will await the sex of Little Boss, and whether she wears a frilly pink dress, or he dons a Shaw hardhat; that little one will be cherished by so many because its parents have freed more than each other—you guys freed the inner prisoner in us, and gave us the chance of choice. I choose to always love Little Boss, boy or girl, because I love you guys.”

Jesus, we have come from so little love, to love so astronomical it’s almost too much. I look around and see many faces that overheard what Connor declared, and they nod in agreement. This was never something I could have imagined when Nate told me what he had started, never in a million years. Yet, here we are surrounded by people of circumstance who have chosen a new beginning.

Maybe, surrounded by all this love, I won’t fail.

Nate holds me tight, and I feel the overwhelming victory that we finally have beat the shadows with the light of the love we surround ourselves with. Nate, Little Boss, and I will never sink into the darkness I once almost drowned in, as long as we share our ever-growing love with those who also need to be brought into our light.

THERE ARE SO MANY to thank, though one stands out, for she encouraged me to take off my arm floaties and go for something “taboo.” So, I pushed my limits with Roar, even if I get the hate mail. Thank you, Shelly Pratt; you’re a rare black gem amongst the diamonds in my life. X

To hubs, who of course puts up with my burnt food. I love you even though you call my computer stupid.

To my bloggers beauties, Love Between the Sheets, Give me Books, and Book Addict Mumma, and many more who have shared, pimped, and sold their soul to see the ARC—I love your guts!

My brainstorming partner, Karlene Blakemore-Mowle; I’ll stalk and support you via every social media and technical device I own to make sure we keep writing whatever genre we love.

Sarah Abbott, kisses to you hon for staying up late to read Roar over, and over, and over, and over again. LOL.

Thank you, Allyson and Jade from Black Firefly Productions. You guys are the freaking best.

Lastly, to all my friends, betas and new readers out there, this would never have been possible without you. MWAH!