Ride Me Dirty(53)

By: Vanessa Vale

They were both awake and had taken it upon themselves to wake me up nice and slow. Jack’s lips were on my breasts, his fingers gave one nipple a little pinch as he sucked the other into his mouth and tugged. They must have heard my sharp inhale because I heard Sam’s low laugh from between my parted thighs where his tongue teased the folds of my pussy, so lightly it could only be described as torture.

He flicked out his tongue to lick my clit. “You want more of that?”

I answered with a moan and Jack responded by sucking harder on my nipple. Sam waited until I was begging before he gave me what I really wanted. Sliding up, he pushed his cock into my throbbing pussy, filling me up like he knew I needed. His strokes were devastatingly slow and shallow, and I whimpered for more, faster.

“You want me to make you come, doll?”

Yes! God, yes. I needed it.

“You want Jack to help?”

I nodded my head, or at least I tried to but ended up thrashing it back and forth as I grabbed Sam’s ass, urging him to give me more.

“Easy, doll. We’ll give you what you need. Tonight.”

“Every night,” Jack added, cupping my breast. “You’re ours, sweetness.”

And oh, did they take care of me. Over and over and over again. Later, we fell asleep like that, with me nestled in the middle.

Exactly where I belonged.