Richard:Caveman Instinct(80)

By: Hazel Gower

“If they could do their fucking job right, they wouldn’t be bitching.”

“Whoa, what the fuck crawled up your arse?”

“Nothing.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “Bailey’s away at Vision camp.”

“Argh.” Zeck nodded in understanding. “When does she get back?”

“She’s away for two weeks. She’s only been gone three days.”

“Oh, shit. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to make sure you and the managers are ready by the time she comes home because, when I pick her up, don’t expect to see or hear from us for at least a week.”

Zeck chuckled. “Fucking curse.”

Right now, I felt like it was a curse.



The camp was better than I remembered, and I was having a blast. I loved being a group leader. The kids were adorable, and it was nice making new friends and seeing some old ones.

Speaking of friends, I’d been surprised to find Toby on the bus. I’d completely forgotten he’d volunteered so he could spend some extra time with me. Rafe, Brenton, and Andy, the security I argued I didn’t need, but Richard wouldn’t give in so I was stuck with, were not happy. They did agree with me that they wouldn’t tell Richard about Toby. We all thought it was better to wait until we got home. They had made sure I was never alone with Toby—to Toby’s displeasure.

I thought the organizers would be annoyed I had body guards, if not them, some of the other volunteers, but no, everyone liked Rafe, Andy, and Brenton, and they turned out to be a huge help.

My days were filled with activities and that left barely enough time to eat, but my nights before bed, all I could think about was Richard and how much I missed him. He phoned me every night and we talked. I told him what I’d done that day and he listened and asked questions. He told me about his day, but as the days passed, he told me less and less about his day. I missed him so much. I didn’t think I could miss someone with such a longing as I did Richard. The first couple of days, it scared me that I could feel such intense need for someone. After a week, I was done being scared and counting down until I could see Richard, sleep snuggling up to him, and get my daily kisses.

The last couple of nights, I lay in bed wondering if I should have told Richard I loved him. He hadn’t said it me, and at first, I was upset. However, when I really thought about it, he didn’t need to say the words because I knew he loved me. It showed in everything he did. Really, all I had to do was think about the day we had before I left for camp. I should have told him, and I stopped myself from saying I loved him on the phone now because I wanted to say it to his face when I say it to him for the first time.

Being away from Richard had me thinking about many things. I knew when I got back, I was going to have a talk to Ethan about me moving out for good and living with Richard. I was ready. I practically lived at his place now. I was also going to talk to Ethan about the firm. We needed to hire someone who could do Ethan’s job. My brother needed time off, and now I was old enough and had my own life, he could start living his again.

A knock on the cabin door had me slipping out of bed and padding to the door. I opened it, not surprised to see Toby. “We need to talk.” He was right, we did.

Rafe stood behind Toby and shook his head. I knew he didn’t want Toby with me, but Toby and I had been close friends for years and we did need to talk. How I treated him wasn’t right and he deserved answers. “You’re right, we do need to talk.” I gazed behind Toby to Rafe. “I’ll leave the door open, but Rafe, he needs to come in. We need to talk.”

Rafe didn’t say anything for a while, and I thought I was going to have to argue, but after studying me, he nodded. “Okay, but I’ll be listening out, and if he hurts you in any way…” He trailed off, but I knew what he was going to say and Toby got what he meant.

I opened the door and Toby came in. I went and sat at the little two-seater table. Toby sat on the other side. We sat in quiet for a while, neither saying anything. I needed to break the silence. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left things the way we did. The truth is I shouldn’t have started anything with you to begin with.” He winced and I felt terrible, but I needed to get the truth out. “Toby, you’re amazing and one of the greatest guys I know, but you’re not for me. I’ve never felt an attraction to you besides friendship. I know you don’t want to hear this, but before Richard, I’d never felt the attraction. Sure, I thought you were hot along with other guys, but I’ve never felt that pull. Toby, be honest, when you’re with me, do you fill warm all over, does your stomach flip with butterflies? Do you miss me, counting down to when you’ll get to see me again?”