Richard:Caveman Instinct(8)

By: Hazel Gower

“Who the fuck is this Britney? What the hell are you talking about? You are not worthless and you are everything to me. You are the most stunning, gorgeous, beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. You’re mine. I’m keeping you and never letting you go.”

Huh, what was I talking about? He was the one acting crazy and saying things that didn’t make sense. I stood and backed away from him. “Look, how about I go and you, um, come talk to me, er… uh… later.”

I turned to run, but I was still off centre and hit straight into the friggin corner of the wall. “Shit.” Falling to the ground on my hands and knees, I crawled to what I hoped was the exit. I stood when I saw a door only to groan when I hit a table with a vase, keys, and other knick-knacks.

Arms circled my waist, and I was picked up. “What the hell? Are you blind?”

I winced at his angered tone. “Yes,” I whispered. Right then, I didn’t feel vision impaired—I felt completely blind.

“You have got to be fucking shitting me?” He held me gently as he walked back and placed me on the sofa.

My head throbbed from where I’d hit it, and I was really getting scared now. I needed to get out of here, so I hoped if I tried to explain everything, he’d let me go. “I’m vision impaired. I don’t know what you think you know about me, but I’m not blind, well, not completely. I can’t see you if you stand directly in front of me. I have to turn my head to the side. I have a rare eye condition called Horizontal Perpendicular Nystagmus, which causes my eyes to make repetitive, uncontrolled movements from side-to-side. I can see, though, just out the side of my eyes.” I knew I was rambling, but I was so scared, and my head hurt from hitting the corner wall, and my side hurt from hitting hard into the table. “Please, let me go now. I’m sure my friends have called my brother and the police will be beating down the door.”

He chuckled. “Do you know who I am?”

I shook my head. I didn’t believe he was a Silverman. The ones I’d met were sane. Surely, I’d have heard of a crazy one. The Silverman’s were well known.

“I’ll tell you again. I’m Richard Silverman. I have three brothers. Zeck, Mason, and my youngest brother Andrew is in year eleven. My mother is Gillian and my father’s name is Albert. I have a bunch of cousins. Would you like me to name them, too?”

Holy shit, he couldn’t be. This couldn’t be Mason and Andrew’s oldest brother. Surely, it would have been known if they had a crazy brother. Ethan dealt with Zeck. I’d met him and he seemed sane, but I really hadn’t been taking notice of his personality. He was super-hot, and he talked to me like I was normal, which just made him even more attractive. All the Silvermans were handsome, though. Mason had been a year above me and Andrew was a year below me.

Nibbling on my lip, I tilted my head and moved so I straddled him and was close to his face. If he were a Silverman, he shouldn’t harm me. I focused my gaze on Richard. The longer I stared, the more my eyes focused and the more I could see the resemblance to Mason, Andrew and Zeck. “Oh. My. God. Why did you take me? I know your family. I’ve met your brothers. They go to my school. Mason and Zeck are …well, Andrew is, too. They’re, just so, so…” She licked her lips at just the thought of the wickedly sexy Silverman. “Well, they’re so ho—”

“Be careful what you say, my little Raven. They may be my brothers, but I’ll still beat their arses. So choose your words carefully.”

“Um, well, I knew your brot… er, everyone knows your brothers. Zeck, he, um… deals with my brother, Ethan. I’ve met some of your other family members, too. They’re all…They…” Shit. I was so nervous. Pinching my arm, I closed my eyes and winced. Opening them, I gazed up at swirling blue orbs.

“Why are you hurting yourself?” He gathered my hands into his own, bringing one up, he kissed each knuckle repeating the process with my other hand. Stiffening in his hold, my stomach flip-flopped, but I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure if all this was real or some cruel joke.