Richard:Caveman Instinct(77)

By: Hazel Gower

Bailey burrowed into the crook of my neck and damn, her pussy clasped around me. I knew she was close. Licking the tip of her earlobe, she shivered, and I delved deep as I latched onto her neck and sucked. Bailey’s whole body tensed. She screamed in pleasure and her core quivered around my dick before gripping it in a vice like grip, milking it for all I had. I exploded deep into her, roaring, “Mine.”

Holding her against me, we sat fighting to calm our breathing as we basked in our euphoric feeling. My fingers trailed and ran up and down her back. Bailey sighed. “I want to be angry at you that you came here and took me, but…” she trailed off and groaned, “I can’t believe what I just did with you.” She moaned and moved her hands to cover her face and mumbled between her fingers, “I’ll never be able to face any of them out there. Do you think they all left and think we just drove home?”

I couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped. “Nope. I’m sure they heard, you little Raven. You were loud.” I grinned.

She dropped her hands and whacked me across the chest with one. “Argh, this is all your fault. You need to stop being so…so possessive. And…um… stop being so overprotective. I am your girlfriend, not your possession.”

My grin faded, and I cupped her face making sure she looked me straight in the eyes. “You are more than my girlfriend. You are my one. You’re my soul.” Letting her face go, I took her lips to my own. I was never letting her go. I loved this woman so much.

Chapter Fourteen


I’d doubled the security at the nightclubs and brought on a medic to go between the clubs and help if needed. The distribution of drugs and the patrons taking them was under control, well, as under control as I could get without searching everyone before they came into one of my clubs. I had also hired two new managers, one for each club. Zeck bought into both Gold Coast clubs and the Brisbane club becoming my partner. It was a weight off my shoulders and was already working out for the better having someone to share the workload with.

The last couple of weeks, I’d been training the new club managers. The time away from Bailey was hard, especially with her going away for two weeks tomorrow, but I knew it would be worth it. When she got back, the managers would have had four weeks training and would be able to function in their positions. I was looking forward to being able to devote more time to Bailey and our relationship.

Tonight, Zeck was dealing with the clubs, and I was spending my night with Bailey. She was leaving tomorrow morning, and I didn’t want to miss spending time together and giving her a proper farewell.

I had today all planned. I’d brought her breakfast in bed this morning, and we were now on our way to Chocolate Moments for a three-hour chocolate cooking experience. After that, we were going to the movies, and then I’d hired out a boat to take us on a romantic dinner cruise. I wanted everything to be perfect so whilst she was away, she would have the memories to think about when she missed me. And I was confident she’d miss me.

We got along so well. I loved coming home to find her asleep in our bed or getting showered and joining her. As soon as I got into bed, she would migrate to me and cuddle. Before Bailey, I didn’t like being snuggled in bed, but with her, it’s different. I bask in the feeling of her seeking me out and her body against mine. I also love telling her about work every morning and her telling me about her day every night. It was nice to have someone to vent to and help with any problems. One of my most favourite things was just spending time with her like sitting on the sofa and watching TV or a movie, talking about family and friends, and just getting to know each other. With Bailey, I was even happy to just sit against each other quietly and do our own thing like read or work. I knew I’d miss her. This would be the longest we’d been away from each other since I met her.

“Richard, you getting out of the car?”

Blinking, I looked over at Bailey, who sat with the passenger door open. We had arrived at Chocolate Moments.


“I didn’t like the movie. What about you?” Bailey asked as we walked out of the movie theatre. We’d seen an action movie that we’d seen the previews to the last time we came. In the previews, it had looked good. The movie was not.