Richard:Caveman Instinct(5)

By: Hazel Gower

I was in the back of the elevator on my way to the pool hidden behind a young couple when it stopped to let four young girls in. They were so busy talking that they didn’t seem to notice anyone else, which was good as I wasn’t in the mood for any attention. I just wanted to relax by the pool and swim.

“Bailey is already down by the pool with Luka, Brett, Coby, Toby, and Isaac.”

“I don’t know why the hell you invited her. Although she makes us look super skinny and hot, but really, even Jessica looks attractive next to her. I suppose you did it for the guys. I mean, for some weird reason, they’re all friends with her.”

“Yeah, what does Toby see in her?”

“I know, right? Toby is hot, and she isn’t even in his field.” The Barbie look-alike with the bleach blonde hair sighed. “And I had no choice but to invite her. My mother begged me. Argh, I think she’s scared Bailey’s brother, Ethan, her boy toy will leave us if we’re not nice to his sister. Plus, her brother paid the extra for us to stay in this place rather than the cheaper four-star we were all going to stay in.”

The strawberry blonde beside Barbie huffed. “I suppose she’s good for something then.” The girls giggled. “It sucks we’re at schoolies, and she is the only one who isn’t eighteen and doesn’t have a fake ID.”

“Yeah, but we wouldn’t want her with us anyway. Not that she could go anywhere anyway. She can’t see and is just a burden,” Barbie said.

The elevator opened at the pool floor and most of the people got out. I followed the girls.

Strawberry blonde nudged Barbie. “At least Bailey is eighteen in a couple of days and will be going to University next year. Maybe she’ll get the hint no one wants her and move out.”

Barbie tsked. “I wish. Ethan didn’t want her to go to a university out of state or more than a couple of hours away. He’s super protective of her. It’s why he rented us this apartment for the next couple of weeks. It’s five stars, high security, easy for disabled people and Ethan knows the manager.”

The pool gates were before them and the girls stopped. I’ve had about enough of the bitches in front of me. I’m seriously thinking of going back to my penthouse suite or going to my brothers for a swim.

One of the blondes that had been quiet held onto the gate and groaned, “You ready to see a blind beached whale?”

Barbie laughed. “Yep. You should thank me. I told her to wear her one piece bathers.”

“Oh, my God. She has a two piece? I didn’t know they made them in sizes that big.”

I followed behind the girls, appalled at what they were saying about someone who they hung around with. They walked into the pool area with the infinity pool, and a smaller one above that and a spa. Groups were scattered around and I should have known with it being schoolies it would be too busy to find a peaceful spot. My club had been at full capacity last night. I’d been there until three in the morning making sure everything worked and the supplies didn’t get depleted before I took the skank home. I would have stayed later if I hadn’t given into depression, drank too much, and then let that woman seduce me.

Throwing my towel on the daybed, I peeled my shirt off, placing it down with my key and wallet that I fished out of my pants pocket. Slipping out of my shoes, I stretched before going to the pool and diving in. I did a couple of laps before just floating by the edge and enjoying the sun and view.

I tried to free my mind and relax, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the poor girl those bitches were talking about. I wondered if the girl knew how the bitches felt about her. Curiosity got the better of me, and I saw the bitches with a group of five boys and two girls. Swimming closer to get a better look, I dismiss the boys and the bitches and gaze at the two other girls. One is tall, close to six feet, with long brown hair and a willowy body. She wasn’t what I would call beautiful, but she was average looking.

The other girl was hard to tell her height. She sat on a lounge chair with a towel wrapped around her. Her arms hugged her waist, and as I gazed up, my heart started to speed up, and I had the uncanny urge to get even closer. Moving towards her, my body stiffened as the girl came more into view, and a fragrance floated from her direction, scented cinnamon and apples. Her hair the colour of a Raven was so black it had blue highlights, and curls in waves around her face stopping just below her breasts. Her round face with big green eyes and full, plump lips had me ready to throw her over my shoulder and make love to her all night long. Damn, she was gorgeous.