Richard:Caveman Instinct(4)

By: Hazel Gower

“If you could have any man, who would be your fantasy?”

I debated if I should just tell them a movie star or not, but for some crazy reason, I told the truth. “A Silverman. I’ve seen five and all of them are gorgeous. Mason went to our school last year, and Andrew, even though he is a year younger than us, is hot. The Silvermans I know treat their wives and girlfriends like a precious jewel. Zeck has always been so kind to me, and he is gorgeous. I met the rest when I helped out at the firm.”

Britney burst out laughing as if I’d just told the greatest joke. Then her and her goons started. “Even though that’s a fantasy, it’s so ridiculous. You’d have a better chance with a movie star than a Silverman.”

The snide comments went on and on, until my best friend, Jessica, came and rescued me. I’d blocked out most of what was being said. When I looked around to see, it was too dark and there was too much around me to get away on my own safely. Being vision impaired blows. I’d spent the rest of the night hiding out in my room. Whoever said names and people laughing at you could never hurt you obviously hadn’t been in my shoes.

I now blamed my brother for last night. Ethan was thirty and dating a woman eight years older than him. I knew he’d started dating her so her bitch of a daughter would become my friend and stop picking on me, the poor fat vision impaired girl. That was three years ago. Britney was still a bitch, and I was now stuck with her and some of her bitchy friends for schoolies. I loved Ethan, but if he hadn’t insisted on Britney coming, I wouldn’t be feeling like shit and second-guessing myself.

I turn eighteen in a couple of days, and I’d just finished high school and was going to Griffith University next year. I should be happy and excited for my future, not depressed and dreading the next couple of days.

Toby, Isaac, and Jessica hadn’t been happy when I told them Britney and her group would be joining us in our three-bedroom apartment on the Gold Coast. Toby was especially pissed. He’d been eager to spend time with just the two of us. I was giving him a chance. I’d never had a boyfriend before and Toby was willing. He’d been asking me out for years, and I had turned him down every time. There was never any chemistry, but I hadn’t felt chemistry with any guy I’d been near. Sure, I found guys hot, but nothing like the Silverman men who I’d met at work, and I knew I didn’t have a chance in hell with any of them.

If I were honest with myself, I’d admit I was happy. Toby, who was a friend, was going to be my first boyfriend, probably my first everything. I’d been friends with him since primary school. Our mothers had been close. It was the same for Jessica. Isaac was the newest addition to my close friend group. He’s one of what I call Toby’s sports friends. He transferred schools late in year nine and joined all the sports teams. It’s there he met Toby, then eventually, Jessica and me.

I had other friends, but Toby, Jessica, and Isaac were my closest, the people I trusted, and to me, trust was a big thing. I wasn’t one hundred percent blind. I have a rare form of Horizontal Perpendicular Nystagmus, which causes my eyes to make repetitive, uncontrolled movements from side-to-side. I can’t see things right in front of me unless I turn my head to the left slightly. I see from the side of my eyes. Sadly, I’ll never be able to drive or operate heavy machinery, but with new technology, my future and hope is bright.

Ethan thought I needed extra babysitters, thanks to my disability, hence why Britney was staying with my friends and me in the apartment he booked for us for schoolies.

I glared at Britney. “We’re not waiting any longer for your other two friends to show up. I’ll meet you down by the pool.” I didn’t wait for her or her friends responses. I gathered my pool page and followed my friends out of the apartment. Once out, I hooked my arm through Toby’s and Jessica’s and decided I was just going to do what I wanted from now on and ignore Britney.



Soul Surfer’s Paradise, the resort I lived in, had an amazing infinity pool that overlooked the beach. The resort was in the perfect spot off Cavell Avenue in Surfer’s Paradise.