Richard:Caveman Instinct(3)

By: Hazel Gower

“Long enough for my beer goggles to wear off.”

“What?” she screeched.

I rolled my eyes. That sultry voice sure did change quickly. “I said, I thought you were at least a nine last night, but in the daylight, I see you’re not even a three.” I pursed my lips as she stared at me, stunned. “I’ll have to do something about the lighting in my club so I don’t make the same mistake again.” She still hadn’t moved, and I didn’t know how many more hints she needed. Fuck it. She must be a bit slow. “Get your shit and get the fuck out.” I didn’t even wait for her reply before I walked out of the room and to my office. I was going to order a new bed, quilt cover, and sheets.


Once I’d ordered what I wanted, I called Cole, my head of security, to check that the woman had left.

“She’s gone. She wasn’t too happy either.”

“I don’t care if she was happy or not.” Sighing, I ran my fingers through my hair. “She’s not what I want.”

“She seemed to be what you wanted last night. She’s your usual type, tall blonde, stick thin, with big fake tits and no personality.” Cole had been head of my security for the last ten years. If anyone else spoke to me as he was now, they wouldn’t be employed.

“They are easy and most of them know I don’t do relationships.” I gazed out the window for a moment to see the bright blue sky and the glittering water of the ocean. “They fill what little spare time I have.”

Cole chuckled. “You do realize a pet would do the same job?”

“My dick disagrees with you.” Smiling, I stood and went to the balcony. It was a hot day, the sun shone and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. I glanced back at my table to see papers and all my electronic devices. It was one of the busiest times for me. Schoolies were huge, and my clubs in Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast did amazing, even with overdose scares. Last night was day one of a week of eighteen and nineteen-year-olds celebrating finishing high school. The next week or so would be crazy for me. I needed to have a day to relax before I had six days of mayhem. “I’m going down to the pool area. I’m going to spend the day there swimming and relaxing. Do a sweep, and I’ll be there in fifteen.”

“Sure thing. Rafe and Brenton will be around if you need them.”

“Sounds good.” I hung up and went to go get changed into my swimmers.



Last night had been a disaster. I had no idea why I was willing to repeat any of it by spending more time with Britney. She and her goons had humiliated me by not only laughing at my fantasy but also doing it in front of all our friends. I hadn’t wanted to play Secret or Fantasy. Personally, I thought it was a game you played in eighth grade, not when you had just graduated high school.

We were in the apartment my brother had rented us for the next two weeks of Schoolies. Last night, Britney invited everyone from our school that was on the Gold Coast celebrating to start the first night of Schoolies. Everything was going great, too good. Britney had come to me before the party and told me it was time to grow up, we weren’t in high school anymore, and we didn’t need to be enemies. This was news to me, as I hadn’t even realized we were enemies. I knew we weren’t friends—well, when she called me the blind whale or burden Bailey, I kinda guessed. Britney’s mum and my brother were dating so I saw a lot more of Britney than I ever wanted.

The party had been going well when Britney dragged me over to a group playing a drinking game. I wasn’t a drinker. I’m already vision impaired. I don’t need anything else to hinder me.

“Let’s play a new game,” Britney said as I sank into a chair next to her.

In this light, I couldn’t see much unless I really focused. The group agreed and Britney suggested Secret or Fantasy. There had been some moaning, but from what I could tell, most agreed and stayed to play. I was left out for a while, and then Britney lured me in. I had two turns before having to reveal a silly secret about myself, before I was relaxed enough to choose fantasy. Britney, like the hound she is, must have known when to pounce because she asked and I said fantasy.