Richard:Caveman Instinct(2)

By: Hazel Gower

Argh. Britney, the daughter of the bitch my brother dated. She was in my year at school and was one of my biggest tormentors.

Knowing it was the best deal I’d get, I nodded. “Okay. Deal.”

Ethan smiled, and I prayed I could put up with a week or so of Britney and her nastiness.



“What the fuck do you mean this one OD’d and died in the goddamn club? Have there been others? If so, why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

Arnold, my club manager, looked around at the police and the damage done to the club avoiding my gaze. “I thought I was dealing, but then the threats started an—”

“What threats?” I was furious. I’d been receiving threats, and I hadn’t been bloody well told.

Arnold fidgeted. “I’ve handed everything to the police now, but… um, I was trying to keep you clear of it all.”

“What the hell? Goddamn tell me or you’ll be in the unemployment line tomorrow.”

Arnold’s eyes grew wide. “You’ve been receiving threats to close down all your clubs. We’ve had cash go missing and drugs being sold in the clubs, people OD’ing but none had ever died. I’ve had the police involved and your security team. Cole has been helping me. Plus, it doesn’t say you specifically, just Silverman.

I’d had people selling drugs in my club. Fucking hell. I didn’t need this, not now with Schoolies days away. “What do you mean Silverman?”

My cousin, Ryder, who was a cop, patted my back. “I think you’re scaring him, cous.”

Turning, I narrowed my gaze on Ryder. “Can you tell me what the fuck is going on?”

Ryder smirked and nodded. “Yep, but you might want to speak to our cousin, Stephan. Apparently, he and his little mate pissed off the wrong biker group and now all of us Silverman have to pay.” Ryder winked. “Don’t worry. You’re not special. It seems all Silverman businesses have been hit in some way by this group. I suggest you double your security. Talk to you later.” With that, Ryder walked away, and I shook my head before I made my way to my office. It looked like I was upping my security and staying on the Gold Coast until I could get everything running right again.

Chapter One


Remy, Rebecca, Racheal, I’m sure it began with an R, still clung to me. I needed her gone. I got what I wanted from her and very easily, too. Glaring down at her, I debated if I gave her a gentle shove off me and onto the floor if she’d get the hint and leave. It was bad enough she was in my bed, but what she was doing just made me sick. I wasn’t a cuddlier. Usually, I got rid of the women before they even made it to the bed. The lounge, the day bed on the balcony, up against the wall, even the kitchen table was where I fucked them. I didn’t like women in my bedroom, my bed. That was my space.

Sitting up, I shoved the woman off me. Fuck, I was going to have to buy a new bloody bed. She moaned and moved towards me, but I stood and went to the bathroom. I needed to get clean. Turning the shower on, I got under the spray and scrubbed the skank in my bed off me.

Last night had been the night from hell. I’d thrown two dealers out and helped my security with three people who OD’d and one who had passed out. The problem wasn’t getting better. It was getting worse. I’d had someone come at me with a knife last night, and I think that’s why I gave in and let the woman lure me to my sanctuary—where I didn’t let any woman. I was so glad to be alive. I celebrated by drinking and fucking the woman now in my bed. I regretted it big time—especially now as I think about the hassle of getting a new bed.

Turning the shower off, I got out and reached for my towel on the hanger, wrapping it around me. Going to my closet, I opened the top draw, got my boxers, and slipped them on. Then, I got shorts out of the bottom drawer putting those on before going back to the bed to deal with last night’s mistake.

The blonde sighed, and I hoped she was waking so I could tell her to get her shit and get the fuck out. Blue eyes fluttered open. “Hey. How long you been awake?” Her sultry, husky voice had me cringing. I gazed at her in my once clean, perfume free bed. Her pert plastic breasts barely moved as she wiggled trying to entice me.