Richard:Caveman Instinct(12)

By: Hazel Gower

Standing before the door, I knocked a couple of times and waited. The door opened after a couple of minutes and just the boy I was looking for answered.

“Hi…What do you want?” The boy crossed his arms over his chest and glared at me.

Chuckling at his attempt to look tough, I smiled and stepped into the apartment. “I came to speak to you.” I gazed around and saw three other guys now standing from the floor in front of the TV. Behind them, I could see a decent sized balcony.

“I don’t have anything to say to you—so get the fuck out.”

“Oh, I think you’ll want to talk to me, Toby Laxson.”

Toby’s gaze flickered behind me to my security and back to me again. “Alone?”

“Sure. You and me on the balcony.”

His gaze went back and forth again before he sighed and walked to the balcony. “You have five minutes, Mr. Silverman.”

Good. That was all I needed.

Standing on the balcony, I stared at the young man before me. He wasn’t as tall as me, maybe just six feet. He had sandy brown hair with eyes that matched. He was a decent build, not as big as my cousins or even my brothers. Toby studied me too, and I knew I was intimating him as his shoulders slouched, and he cast his eyes down when I stared at him.

Smirking, I ran fingers through my blond hair. “I came to tell you that Bailey is mine.”

“What?” Toby’s gaze shot up to stare into mine, and his fists clenched at his side.

I didn’t back down. “I said Bailey is mine. I’m giving her a couple of days, and then I’m coming to claim her.”

“Oh, my God. You are insane.” His eyes were wide, and I could see he truly thought I’d lost it.

I shrugged. I didn’t care what he thought of me. The only person from now on I cared about besides my family was Bailey. “I came here to tell you that in a couple of days, I will start my courtship and to warn you that you won’t win her. So don’t even try. I’m giving you a warning that I will do everything in my vast power to make Bailey mine. I’ve waited too damn long. I won’t fight fair to get what’s mine, and make no mistake, Bailey is mine.”

With that said, I turned and walked inside, but not before I heard, “Holy crap, he’s certifiably insane.”

Turning at the balcony door I stared at Toby. “I’m not insane. I just know what I want and Bailey is it. So enjoy the next couple of days and say your goodbyes. ”

Having said what I wanted, I left. I probably should have felt guilty for intimidating someone so young and telling him I was going to take his girlfriend, but I didn’t care, Bailey was mine. She was made for me. Bailey was the other half of my soul. The one woman who could make me happy. I had been yearning and dreaming of her for years, and I wasn’t going to play nice when someone thought they could have what was mine. I had gotten from Ethan that their relationship as a couple was a new thing, and if I had my way, it wouldn’t blossom into anything.

Going back to my apartment, I went straight to my office so I could continue my plan—operation ‘get Bailey,’ my mate.



Today had been awesome. I’d awoken to no Britney in the apartment and only my closest friends. We had gone to breakfast, and I’d opened birthday presents. Ethan then came and surprised me by telling me he hired a bus and was taking all my friends and me to Movie World. I had a ball, going on as many rides as I could, bought every photo, and had my photo taken with every character I could find. I even had Daffy Duck smack my arse. I didn’t think the day could get any better. Then we were told to come back, shower, and change to get ready for dinner at my favourite restaurant, Hog’s Breath, and then we would go to a nightclub after, and we would have it all to ourselves.

I assumed the nightclub was owned by the Silvermans. A way for them to apologize for Richard taking me the other day. I hadn’t heard anything from Richard since I walked out of his penthouse suite. At first, it hadn’t bothered me, but the more I thought about, it the more annoyed I got. If I was really what he’d been going on about to him, I knew he would have tried to at least see me again, but I hadn’t seen or heard from him. Shaking my head, I ignored the nagging feeling that came up whenever I thought about Richard and focused on my surroundings.