Richard:Caveman Instinct(10)

By: Hazel Gower

I grinned. She may think I’m a loon, but at least she was attracted to me. I needed to get her to believe me. As much as I’d like to think we wouldn’t be disturbed and that I could change her mind, I knew I needed to put Bailey at ease. Trust was a huge thing they would need to build, and I wanted to keep it between us.

With Bailey’s head turned shyly away from me, I could see my cousin, Ryder. in the hall of my home storming towards me.

“Do you want to tell me why the hell I had to call in favours and tell the precinct I’d handle the call that was made against some crazy guy fitting your description kidnapping a fucking seventeen-year-old girl?” Ryder roared before I could say anything. He stood in his civilian clothes at the end of the couch looking pissed.

“Seventeen?” I stared at Bailey and felt even more stupid.

“Only for two more days,” she whispered.

“Fuck!” It really was a curse. Goddamn gypsies.



Ethan looked pissed. He came storming in five minutes after Ryder, which didn’t make sense how he got here so quickly when he should have been in Brisbane. Frowning, I focused my gaze seeing Ethan’s face red, his lips thinned so much they looked almost non-existent, and his eyebrows furrowed.

“Let me fucking go so I can get my sister.” Ryder, who was a Silverman that I’d only just met, held my brother. “What the hell are you holding me for? That’s my baby sister there. If you’ve harmed one hair on her head, I’ll…” I tuned out as he now threatened the men in the room.

I’d felt better when Detective Ryder, Richard’s cousin, introduced himself and assured me that Richard wasn’t crazy, just a bit eccentric. I eased off Richard’s lap and inched towards Ryder, but Richard was having none of me leaving the sofa and yanked me back down onto his lap.

It was nice to know Richard wasn’t crazy, but it still didn’t feel right. Richard was more than just hot. He was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t recognized him. Richard had even made it into a couple of the top one hundred lists. A lot of the Silverman men were on those lists. I didn’t believe for a minute the crap Richard spouted about me being his and him thinking I was beautiful and wanting to get to know me. Girls like me didn’t end up with men like Richard, eccentric or not. Guy’s like Richard didn’t date or end up with women over a size ten. They didn’t date girls that just finished high school, and they definitely didn’t date blind or vision impaired women.

Wiggling, I tried for the umpteenth time to get out of Richards hold, but again, I had no success. “Let me just hold you a little longer, please.” His deep masculine voice whispered in my ear, and I shivered as a shot of pure desire raced through me. The longer I was with Richard, the harder it was to resist him. Now I knew he wasn’t crazy, and this supposedly, wasn’t some cruel joke, but my body suddenly felt like it was okay to succumb to Richard.

Holy crap, I was attracted to my captor. I was turned on by Richard. Stilling in his embrace, I closed my eyes and took deep calming breaths. I needed to get myself under control.

Ethan’s voice became clear. “I don’t care what he thinks Bailey is to him. Not only is she currently only seventeen, but she’s also bloody well on holiday. He is way too old and experienced for my sister. I want him away from her now. He’s not to come near her again. I want a restraining order on him now.”

Hey, Ethan was being a bit drastic. Why did he get to choose who she saw again? If she wanted to be with Richard, she could. Argh, what was she thinking? She may be the one going a little crazy. “Ethan. Ethan. Stop.” I struggled, but this time, Richard let me up. I stood, but he followed, staying close behind me. “Ethan, I’m fine. Look, let’s just forget all about this and I’ll go. There is no reason for you to band me from seeing people. I’m eighteen in two days. Old enough to decide who I want to see again, and who I want in my life.” Placing my hands on my hips I focused on the hallway and slowly walked towards the exit. I’d heard enough, and I wasn’t worried about Richard anymore, so I intended to go.