Richard:Caveman Instinct

By: Hazel Gower

Caveman Instinct Volume 2



Happy fucking twenty-ninth birthday to me. I sat in the seat where Zeck had guided me to sit. My younger brothers, cousins, and their girlfriends, hooted and cheered around me at the naked female dancing and twisting her body into some extremely flexible positions as she made her way to me. My cock should have been jumping for joy, but it stayed down and uninterested.

It was depressed. I was depressed.

I’d had goals I had wanted to reach before I was thirty and it didn’t look like those were going to happen. Finding my soul mate, my one true love was at the top of the list. Then we would spend a couple of incredible years exploring the world together before we settled down and had a bunch of kids. I thought by now I’d at least have one kid or one on the way. My friggin cousin who was all of fucking nineteen had found his soul mate, and he hadn’t even been looking.

I promised myself I wouldn’t end up like my uncle Carl or Ryder or some of our other distant cousins who’d never found their soul mates and were angry, cranky, lonely men. Uncle Carl believed the gypsy’s had cursed us. The story about us in the old country helping save a group of gypsies and them gifting the Silverman family with prosperity and the ability to know our soul mate, but forgetting to tell us about the drawbacks like when we found our soul mate, we turn into possessive cavemen, was wrong.

Carl thought we hadn’t helped them and they had cursed us. I used to believe the curse was more a gift, but now I was a year closer to thirty and still hadn’t found my mate. I was leaning more now towards it being a curse because, as I stared at the gorgeous flexible woman now grinding on me, I knew that no matter what she did or said, she would never be enough for me. I knew she wasn’t my mate, the other half of my soul, my perfect match.

The reason why I was depressed and not responding was that I wasn’t willing to settle. I wanted my soul mate. I was sick of the one-night stands or the relationships I knew would never work. I was lonely.



“Ethan, I’m almost eighteen. I’ve been waiting for this for months. I’ve been saving. You won’t spend a penny. I’ll work at the firm all the way up until I leave for Uni.”

“It’s not about money, Bailey. I don’t want you at Schoolies. It’s too God damned dangerous.”

Tilting my head to the side so I could see better, I glared at my brother. “My friends are going. It’s only a whole bloody hour away from here. I’m not a child anymore, Ethan. I can look after myself.”

My brother was my guardian. He’d given everything up for me when our parents died and taken over our father’s accounting business. I’d been just shy of six and Ethan had been nineteen. He’d been at the University of Newcastle studying a communications course. He’d flown back to the Gold Coast and taken over. He’d changed Universities and courses to accounting and devoted all his time to the business, studying, and me.

Over the last almost twelve years, Ethan had turned their father’s company into the top accounting firm in the country. In turn, Ethan made sure I had the best of everything. I went to the top private school in the state. I had the best vision aids and anything money could buy. My brother looked after me. I really wish he’d stop doing what he thought was best for me and start living his own life. I was old enough to start living my own life.

“I know you’re not a child, but schoolies isn’t the place for someone who’s blind.”

“I’m not completely blind. I’m vision impaired. Even if I were blind, I shouldn’t have to give up on something I want to do because of it. Please, Ethan. Let me go. It’s not as if I’m going to be alone. Jessica, Toby, and Isaac will be there along with a bunch of other friends.” I could see my brother caving. I pouted at him, clasped my hands together in a begging motion and used my gaze to plead with him as best I could.

Ethan scrubbed his face and sighed. My brother liked my friends, but I should have known they wouldn’t be enough and that he would torture me. “Fine, you can go. But only if I find you the best and safest resort to stay in, and Britney goes to help look out for you.”