Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(8)

By: J. S. Starr

“Wow Julie. You look great.”

She was dressed in a scarlet red mini dress with her blonde hair curled and cascading around her shoulder. She was a complete knockout.

“Thank you Jordan. You look quite handsome yourself.”

He had finally convinced her to start calling him Jordan instead of Mr. Bass since they worked so closely together. They had grown extremely close lately, as he had her working late to prepare for the Christmas party. There were a few nights where they talked the whole night while they worked, mostly about her childhood and her home life. He hadn’t realized how difficult and often depressing her life had been before she began working there. It was no wonder she started crying during her job interview. She had been living in close to poverty for years, a life that he knew nothing about. He couldn’t imagine her growing up the way she had, and he yearned for a better life for her. Working for him was certainly a great start.

“In all the times we’ve talked you never once mentioned a boyfriend. Is there someone who gets to look at you like this all the time?”

She looked down at her shoes, sparkly silver heels adorned some pretty little feet.

“I’ve never mentioned anything like that because I thought it would be unprofessional to discuss things like that at work. You never talk about Megan.”

He ignored the mention of Megan. He did not want to talk about Megan. “Does that mean you have a boyfriend?”

“Jordan…I don’t know if we should be talking like this.”

“It’s ok, we are both officially off the clock and ready to celebrate the season. We can talk about whatever we want, just like friends do.”

She looked up into his eyes and he just lost himself in the big blue pools. My God she is beautiful.

“No Jordan I don’t have a boyfriend.”

He brushed the hair out of her face and stepped just an inch closer officially invading her personal space. His heart was beating madly and he couldn’t believe how reckless he was being. But she was like a shot of heroin he needed to have right then.

“Would it shock you if I told you that I have wanted you since the moment I saw you wet in my office, water dripping from your hair. I thought you were the prettiest thing that ever walked through my door.”

“Yes it would. But I feel the same way.”

Her words excited him and he knew right then he was going to kiss those full lips, he was going to make them swollen from his mouth. He needed to taste her.

She locked eyes with him, and he knew she felt the same burning desire for him as he felt for her. Jordan kissed her slowly, and he felt an urgency to be inside her. He wanted her so bad. His hands found her breasts ad he squeezed them hard enough to let her know what was coming. She moaned a guttural noise that told him she needed him to. His arms encircled her and fumbled at the zipper on the back of her dress.

“Jordan stop. We can’t. Mark is speaking in minutes, we have to go. Someone will come looking for us.”

“Julie I don’t care who is speaking where. I want you so badly and if I don’t have you I might lose my mind.”

She looked so nervous and he kissed her mouth gently coaxing her back to him. She moaned again as he started drawing the zipper down on her dress.

“Jordan stop, I can’t. It’s just, well I want to but I’m a virgin. I’ve never done this before.” He stopped and looked her in the eyes, those innocent eyes and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Would it be wrong to continue on? He cared for her, there was no doubt. He kissed her mouth again, his erection growing.

“It’s ok beautiful I will be gentle. You are going to feel so good in a minute I promise you. I’m going to fuck you really good baby.”

He forgot about the zipper as he wanted to feel her pussy more than ever now. The fact that she wanted to give herself to him for the first time made his cock throb. He picked her up in his arms and carried her over to his desk. He swiped everything on to the floor not caring how cliché it seemed. He was going to fuck his secretary right on his desk. He pushed up the skirt of her dress and slipped his hand between her legs. No panties. Julie, you naughty little girl. He rubbed her clit gently moving his thumb in a circular pattern, gently at first and then harder. She moaned softly.