Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(4)

By: J. S. Starr

She towel dried her hair and dug around her handbag for an elastic band. Quickly she braided her hair and secured it with the elastic band. She smiled sweetly ay Jeff and said, “Ok, I’m ready.”

He motioned for her to follow him down the hallway. She followed one step behind him, her heart beating powerfully in her chest. This is it!

They came to a door and Jeff knocked. He didn’t wait for an answer before he opened the door and they entered. Mr. Bass sat behind a massive desk and stood up the moment they entered.

He is so handsome, how did I not know he was handsome? Looking at him took her breath away. There were no men that looked like him where she lived.

“Jordan, this is Julie, your first interview of the day.”


Chapter 4

When Julie walked into his office, Jordan was struck instantly by how beautiful she was. He almost laughed. Everyone from the front desk clerk of the building to Jeff himself warned him that his first interview was a walking train wreck. He was expecting the worst, but that wasn’t what walked through his office door.

She was hot; it was as if a model had just walked in the room. He couldn’t possibly hire a girl that looked like this and get away with it, right? Megan would kill him. He could be breaking some cardinal rule of office etiquette if he hired someone that made his cock hard instantly. She was perfect from her breasts to the curves that went all the way down her body. He chuckled to himself. He would carry on with the interview and send her on her way, it was no big deal. At least his wife wouldn’t murder him and who honestly would be able to get any work done with Julie around. She had the kind of milky skin that begged to be touched. Jordan didn’t even want to have to look at her ass twice because he ached to spank her. Jesus, what the hell was wrong with him?

“Hello Julie, it’s nice to meet you. Please have a seat.”

He watched as she sat down before him. “I’m so sorry I’m late and…wet. My day has just been a mess.” She laughed nervously.

“Hey, it’s ok. How about you tell me why you think you are the best person for this job?”

She went on to explain her qualifications and her background and mid-sentence she started to cry. Taken aback Jordan didn’t quite know what to do. He walked to his desk and grabbed some Kleenex and brought it back to her. She took it and wiped at her eyes, mascara running down her cheeks.

Geez, she really is a mess. There was something vulnerable and real about her that he wasn’t used to seeing in the females in his life and he found it endearing and extremely appealing. She blew her nose and fought for composure even though tears kept streaming down her cheeks. He couldn’t imagine what was going on in her life to have an interview upset her so much.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Bass, it’s just that I’ve come so far and I want this job so badly. I know I am qualified and I would work very very hard if you just gave me the chance. I’ve had a rough time, I just need a break. A break from this miserable life I live. I’m sorry. This is not how interviews should go but I just know I would be fabulous at this job if I was just given the chance.”

Jordan was speechless; he couldn’t even begin to respond. A break from this miserable life I live?

What was he to do? He genuinely worried about what would happen to this young girl if he turned her down. He had never seen such despair over the possibility of having this job opportunity pass her by. Could working for him really change her life for the better? He had a whole day booked with interviews, what was he supposed to do with them? Not even give any of them a chance just because some girl sat crying in the chair across from him?

So he did what anyone in his position would do. He hired her on the spot.


Chapter 5

The first few weeks with Julie were brilliant. She was a quick study and he really didn’t have to worry at all when she was left to work alone. He couldn’t have been more satisfied with her work, which was a significant relief because his initial hiring of her terrified him. He had never hired anyone out of compassion alone and he worried he would regret the decision immediately.

He even worried she might be a total nutcase and he would eventually have to have security escort her out. Julie however was true to her word; she worked incredibly hard and always arrived early and stayed late when he needed her. When she walked into the room he sighed with relief because she wasn’t the psycho he worried she would be. She was amazing actually, and he was grateful for her help. With Megan gone, that first few weeks had been crazy. He hadn’t realized the workload Megan took on just to keep things going. With a new person on board, it was evident Megan deserved his praise for all the hard work she had done. He would have to treat her to something special when she returned from her week long adventures of travelling around in her new position. She was due to arrive back home at any moment, and he was excited to see her.