Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(3)

By: J. S. Starr


Chapter 3

Julie raced up the stairs of the Franklyn Building. She was late; it was raining, and today could not have gone any worse. She missed the train that was supposed to bring her here 30 minutes ago. She was almost there too before it started to rain. Rain, if you can believe it? Was God cursing her or what? Was it really necessary for it to rain today of all days? She considered turning back as she imagined she looked a wreck, but she needed this job more than anything. Jobs like this do not come around every day. It was a great position working for an important CEO, and this was the kind of job that moved you forward and got you places. Julie really needed to get somewhere in life. She was sick of her boring life. She was the stereotype of a poor girl being raised by another poor woman.

She was from the country and she currently waitressed in a little diner close to her home. In was a hole in the wall that serviced truckers and the few people who lived close to it. She made basically nothing in tips, mainly because it wasn’t usually busy. She was tired of that life and she wanted more than anything to not end up like her mother. Her mother worked herself to death to get nowhere in life. She was poor she would always be poor. And because of that she was miserable, and nagged on Julie to get a better life. She loved her mother very much, and had to do something to help her. Her father had left them when Julie was three years old, and ran away with a waitress from the very diner that Julie worked at now. She had never seen him since and she knew it had completely broken her mother’s spirit. The pain was so much that her mother had never dated anyone after her father. She had often wondered if he mother was lonely or if she even remembered what it was like having someone around. She focused solely on providing for Julie and she couldn’t have been more grateful.

But that’s where it ended for Julie. She did not want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She wanted a great life. She was only 20 years, and her life was really just beginning. She was focused on getting a great job, and meeting a wonderful man to fall in love with. She wanted to be treated like a queen, and have multiple children. She wanted vacations, dinners with dancing. Julie wanted it all, and she believed this job could be the start of her new life.

She raced into the building and approached the front desk tentatively. She tried to smooth out her clothes as much as possible. But it was an impossible task; she was soaked to the bone and dripping all over the floor. The woman at the desk took one look at Julie and started shaking her head.

Oh, I look that bad, do I? Perfect.

“Hello. I’m here for an interview with Mr. Bass.”

The desk clerk took a solid once over at me for the second time. “Miss, are you sure that you want to see Mr. Bass like that?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so.”

She gave Julie a floor number and she hurried on her way. The elevator ride felt like an eternity had passed and finally the doors opened to her destination. This place was extremely busy. Like she had thought, Mr. Bass was an important man and he met with very important people. As she walked down the halls, she tried to dry her soaking wet clothes. She came up to another desk that a man was attending. He looked up when she approached and appeared shocked by her appearance.

“I don’t think I can handle another lecture on my appearance,” She smiled awkwardly. “I seem to have been caught in the rain and I have an interview with Mr. Bass.”

He smiled kindly at Julie. “Julie, is it? I am Jeff; I am Jordan’s right hand man. I’m just manning the desk until he finds a replacement for his wife Mrs. Bass.”

She was surprised by his warm voice and kind nature.

“I will notify Mr. Bass immediately that you have arrived.” Jeff left her for a moment. Walking down the hallway, she watched until she couldn’t see him and then she sat down on one of the plush sofas. She felt squishy, and she regretted sitting down as she made quite the wet spot on the sofa. It didn’t take Jeff long to return to her, and he brought with him a towel.

“Mr. Bass is ready to see you right now. Feel free to take a moment to collect yourself.”

“Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you.”

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