Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(20)

By: J. S. Starr

He spent the afternoon shopping. He needed to start making up to a special girl of his. He picked up a diamond bracelet. He stopped at the lingerie store and picked out a blue number that he knew would bring out her eyes, not to mention it was sure to make him hard once she put it on. After that he went to a chocolatier and ordered some truffles he knew she would love. As he was walking to his car to put the items he purchased it occurred to him that he was purchasing them not for his wife who was angry at him, but for his mistress who had yet to forgive him.

He called Megan just before his work day was completed to let her know he would not be home until later, he wanted to take one of the clients out to a hockey game and then have a few beers. She wished him a good night and said she had planned on turning in early anyways.

He text Julie and told her to meet him at a hotel of his choosing and he sent her the address. He wanted to fuck her in a bed and he wanted to do it more than once. He could not resist.

When she showed up she immediately melted in his arms. He knew she had been alarmed when he didn’t return to work after the altercation. She kissed him passionately and he felt himself grow hard. There she was bewitching him again with nothing more than a kiss. He pulled her over to the bed to present her with his many treasures.

When she saw the bracelet she started crying. He loved how sweet she was about every little thing he did for her.

“Jordan it’s absolutely beautiful, I will never take it off.” She unwrapped the chocolates and the lingerie and hurried into the bathroom to change. When she returned, he forgot his plan of eating dinner first and knew he had made the right choice. She came back to the bed and he helped lay her down.

For the next hour, Jordan was inside of Julie. They both came to a climax, and he laid atop her spent. He rolled over and she nuzzled into him.

They lay in bed still naked surrounded by room service plates and truffles. He was completely satisfied, full and elated by his orgasm. He was playfully fondling her breasts as they laid there and talked. Her breasts were beautiful and full.

“We really need to take it easy at work Julie. We have had a few very close calls. I’m just not ready for Megan to know about us.”

“Why? Don’t you want to be with me?”

Jordan was a silent a moment. “To be honest Julie, I don’t know what I want. I didn’t expect this and I certainly don’t want to hurt Megan, she didn’t do anything wrong.”

“What about me?”

“I care a great deal about you Julie and I have a hard time picturing you not being a huge part of my life. But again I don’t know what to do with Megan.”

“You can’t have us both.”

“Would that be so bad? Having my cake and eating it too?”

Julie started shaking her head confusion written all over her face but yet giving in to his touch.

“I could set you up with a house, an allowance, you could choose to continue to work or not. But you would be very well taken care of and I could come fill you anytime you wanted. Bring you pretty things, kiss you, love you and fuck you daily.”

“I want more Jordan, I want everything she has.”

He frowned. “I don’t know if I can give you that.”

Chapter 14

Jordan helped make dinner with Megan the next evening. She could make a mean Chicken Parmesan and he used to love watching her work efficiently in the kitchen. They both didn’t cook often because they enjoyed going out so much and why shouldn’t they? They had so much money they really never had to cook another thing in their life. She did enjoy cooking however from back before they were rich so it was a treat when she did it. Jordan was shredding cheese when she came up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and laying her head against his back.

He suddenly felt terrible. He loved when she hugged him like that; it made him feel so powerful and protective of her. God, what had he done to their marriage? Sighing he stopped shredding the cheese and turned to her, hugging her back. He loved her and he wished that he hadn’t done something that would hurt her so much. Jeff had been right she was amazing and didn’t deserve to be treated this way. He had purchased all those things for Julie and never so much as thought of bringing flowers home for his wife who he had betrayed. He hadn’t bought her anything in so long, she must have noticed, she must be feeling neglected. He hadn’t been treating his pampered princess very well at all. This wasn’t Jordan, this behavior wasn’t who he was and he should really put a stop to it. She adored him and she deserved better than him. Should he leave her and let her find a better man, or should he stay and be that man that she deserved? He was so confused, but having her in his arms made things seem so simple to him.

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