Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(16)

By: J. S. Starr

He was spent and felt wondrous with her on top of him. She bent forward and licked his mouth before kissing him hard. She climbed off and rolled over to lie in his arms. They rarely did that as it just wasn’t convenient when they were at the office. It felt glorious though. He could smell her perfume around them and he held her closer to him.

He wasn’t sure how long they lied there but she eventually got up and dressed leaving the room without another word. The girl was a mystery. He got up also and dressed quickly leaving the room a mess. He wanted to get out of there before anyone saw him.

Chapter 12

Julie’s life was going fantastic. She had been only working for Jordan for a little over a month and she was already able to afford to buy a used car. She was finally making more money and the future was looking so bright. Jordan paid her well and her Christmas bonus covered her bills for the next six months. She couldn’t believe her luck. Not to mention she had a rich handsome boyfriend who was amazing in the sack. She couldn’t wait until the time came where they could start vacationing together and really start their lives together. Although she enjoyed the intrigue behind their affair and the sneaky interludes in his office, it would be even better when she could make love to Jordan in his bed. She planned on having a talk with him about Megan but they had only started sleeping together so she didn’t want to put pressure on him. Nevertheless, she was getting sick of how much everyone in the office loved her and talked about her all the time. That should be her by Jordan’s side. If he was a happily married man he would never have taken Julie’s virginity.

She had a bounce in her step when she walked down the hallway to his office. She had chosen a nice little black corset dress for the office today as she knew he would love taking it off her. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when she walked into his office.

She walked into the office to find Jordan and Megan embracing in a passionate kiss. She was so shocked she didn’t have time to recover before Megan turned to her.

“Julie, do you not knock before you enter your boss’s office?”

“I’m sorry, I was in a hurry.”

“My God what are you wearing? Jordan, I think you need to start reviewing what appropriate attire to wear to work is.”

Jordan to Julie’s disbelief was stunned into silence. The scene could not have looked worse. It proceeded to get worse as Jordan responded, “Yes, she’s right Julie, that…is not appropriate.”

Julie’s jaw dropped to the floor and she didn’t bother to respond.

“I think it’s time we had a little chat you and I,” Megan demanded. She motioned for Julie to follow out the door and Jordan looked helpless to stop it.

Julie followed Megan to her office and stood there before her as she reamed her about her attire and how her job would be at stake if she showed up looking like a “whore” again. Julie had never been called a whore before. Julie’s eyes welled up with tears but she refused to let them spill in front of this woman whom she was growing to hate. She would love more than anything to tell Megan at that moment that her husband’s cock had been inside of her numerous times. That would be sure to wipe that smug look right off her face. This woman stood before her acting like she was so much classier than Julie and yet she couldn’t even keep a man like Jordan by her side. This woman was more of a joke than anything.

Megan had the audacity to send her home to change and Julie cried all the way home in her new car. She couldn’t believe what a bitch Megan was and Jordan did nothing to stop her behavior. She vowed that would change soon enough.

When she returned to the office a few hours later she was dressed in a long skirt with a modest sweater. She wasn’t about to get sent home twice in one day. She walked immediately to Jordan’s office and knocked tentatively on the door. She couldn’t have felt more humiliated. She opened the door and found Jordan at his desk, no sign of Megan. He got up immediately and came to her as she closed the door behind her.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know Megan would be here. I’m sorry that she yelled at you but you must understand how it all looked.”

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