Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(13)

By: J. S. Starr

“Harder Jordan please.”

That was all it took. Despite this only being her second time, he pumped into every inch of her. She would be sore tomorrow, he would guarantee that much. He fucked her hard, listening to her call out his name. He shushed her, hoping no one was close enough to his door to hear anything. Though at that moment he wouldn’t have stopped fucking her for anything. He pumped her harder while he reached over and rubbed her clit. She was so wet that her fingers slide over her pussy very easily. He bent forward and kissed her shoulder, nipping it gently. He fondled her breasts from underneath. He could feel her tightening around him and he knew she was going to cum again. He pumped faster and she muffled her cries of pleasure against her palms.

Oh she was good, really good. Her orgasm broke through and she whimpered as she finished. He continued to pump her hard until he came as well.

He rubbed her ass while he was still inside her. She was truly a gift to him, he couldn’t get enough of her and he honestly doubted he would be able to say no to her. He slid out of her and patted her behind for good measure. They cleaned up in silence and once dressed she smiled seductively at him and set about to work like it had never happened.

Things got progressively worse after that. The girl was insatiable. They started getting into a habit of having a morning fuck with coffee. It really was the easiest time to do it. They were the first ones in the office in the morning which allowed her to literally scream out his name which he loved. She also had unlimited ways of teasing his cock out of his pants that he couldn’t resist. He really couldn’t seem to get enough of her. Her innocence was addictive, though after every day that passed she was becoming less and less innocent in his hands. He loved it; he loved wondering what she would be wearing the next day and whether or not she had panties on that he could tear off.

He stopped wondering and instead started buying her sexy things and telling her to wear it the next day. He would think about her in the outfit all night and by the time he got into the office the next day he could barely contain himself before fucking her in that very outfit. He was horny all the time and all he could do was think about the different ways in which he could fuck Julie. It was starting to affect his work because he could barely think straight with her so close to him during the day. Their daily romps started turning into afternoon delights, and soon they were fucking twice a day.

Sometimes Jordan would pull her into the supplies closet and lift up her skirt to taste her or slip a couple of fingers inside her for a few minutes. He did anything to touch her. She loved it, even if he could just lick her pussy for a bit it drove her wild and kept a glow about her for the whole day. He had heard of fatal attraction before and he worried that this sexual obsession of his was going to get him in trouble but he just couldn’t stop.

He often forgot to call his wife when he was supposed to and a few times forgot to return her calls. He missed a few important client meetings because he had Julie bent over his desk. He often had to call Jeff out of breath to explain he was running late somewhere and to take on the meeting for him. He would finish fucking Julie then they would go for lunch and talk like new lovers do. He was in trouble he knew it but he didn’t know how to stop wanting her.

Soon, Jordan’s birthday arrived. He was getting ready for a party at Jeff’s house. Julie was also invited and it was going to be difficult to act casual around her when all he wanted to do was rip her clothes off. He couldn’t exactly fuck her at his best friend’s house but the new location would be hard to resist. They had to keep things professional before things got out of hand. Who was he kidding, things were already way out of hand and he could easily admit the thought terrified him.

She walked into his office then wearing a black cocktail dress. He approved very much. He thought maybe he would give her a credit card to buy as many pretty things that she wanted because there wasn’t a thing she put on that he didn’t enjoy looking at her in.

“Wow babe, you look stunning.”

She giggled. “Jeff just asked me out.” She shook her head still laughing.

“What did you say?”

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