Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(12)

By: J. S. Starr

“Hey how are you? I wish I could have called you the next day but things were kind of awkward at home.”

She nodded understanding. “I was kind of sore…down there.” She blushed a deep red and he felt a stirring in his pants. He walked over to close his office door. He didn’t want anyone to overhear their conversation and he wasn’t sure how she was going to react when he broke the news to her.

“Julie we need to talk. I just want you to know I’ve never done anything like that before. Megan is the only woman I’ve been with since we got married. I don’t cheat, I never have before.”

“I know. I’m special.” She smiled brightly and it hurt him to see it.

“Yes you certainly are.”

She walked over to him and kissed him, her tongue sliding gently into his mouth and touching his tongue. Electricity hit him and he started to feel warm all over. Oh God, what was with this girl?

He stopped her. “Sweetheart, this is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. The other night was fantastic, so much so that I planned on touching you every chance I got.”

She smiled again her eyes watching Jordan intensely. “I would like you to touch me.”

He groaned inwardly. “But the truth is I was way too careless that night and it caused a huge fight between Megan and me. It’s ok now,” he said once Julie looked nervous, “but the fact is she was suspicious and I just don’t think I can risk her getting suspicious again. I don’t want her to get hurt from this.”

Julie was silent for a moment and Jordan couldn’t really read her. He wasn’t sure what she was thinking or whether or not she was going to lose it right there in his office.

“You don’t mean that. I felt you that night, it wasn’t just sex.” Her eyes pleaded with him. He shook his head.

“No it wasn’t, but Julie I can’t. It’s too risky.”

She moved closer to him and rubbed the front of his pants pressing her hand against his cock. She grinded hard against him, and Jordan felt himself growing hard. She could make him rock hard so easily.

“I was wondering if we could try something new.”

“New?” He was a little taken aback by the fact that she seemed to be ignoring everything he just said. Was she ok with them ending things but still wanted him to fuck her one last time? Or was she ignoring him completely?

Julie walked over to his desk and bent over slightly. He could see the bottom of her ass cheeks and he could bet money she was not wearing panties. And just like that he was hard as a rock.

“I don’t even need to undress. It will be nice and easy.” She bent over his desk completely presenting her ass in the air for him.

Oh dear God, she wants me to fuck her from behind. He could have cried at that moment. Her firm ass was there for him to take and he wanted to slip in from behind nice and deep. She was so perfect for him. He couldn’t take it, he want to pound her hard from behind and make her say his name again.

“Julie no, we can’t.” He wanted to try to get her to stop as he was no longer sure he could. She turned around and lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Her breasts were full and snug within her bra. She released them from the bra and they hung perky and round before him. Her breasts nice and round, waiting there for him to suck on. He lost all control and went to her. He was going to give her exactly what she wanted. He was going to fuck her good. He squeezed her breasts, his mouth finding her nipple and sucking on it hard. She released a soft cry and he nipped her with his teeth. Her sucked on her breast while his fingers found her opening.

He loved how she was always ready for him, her pussy wet with need for him. He plunged a finger inside her and fucked her gently while she moaned in his arms. He lifted her up and set her atop his desk. She lay back onto the wooden desk and spread her legs. Seeing her spread out like that before him made Jordan want to fuck her right then, but he had something better in mind. He pulled his office chair around and set it before her. He sat down and bent forward placing his lips on her clit. She gasped in surprise. He licked her like she was ice cream and plunged his tongue inside her. He ached to fuck her but needed to taste inside her and lick her all over. He then pulled her up to him and she hopped off the desk. Leaning forward against the desk with her firm ass high in the air, Jordan slid inside her warm pussy and felt the deepness of her. He groaned with pleasure. She felt amazing and he doubted he would ever tire of being inside her. He couldn’t believe how incredible she felt.

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