Rich Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(10)

By: J. S. Starr

He hugged her and breathed her in. “I ran late darling, I had to get ready at the office, it just took longer than I thought it would. Mark will forgive me after a few shots of Pitrone.”

“What are you wearing, is that perfume?”

He cursed himself for being so stupid. Why did he hug her, he probably smelt like a brothel right about then. You don’t fuck a girl and then go home to your wife without showering first. But it’s not like he had experience doing such things.

“I don’t think it is. I’m wearing my usual musk darling. Just the way you like it.”

Just then Julie walked in the room looking, well, like she had just been fucked on her boss’s desk. Megan didn’t say a word but glared in Julie’s direction. Julie caught her eye and quickly looked away. She avoided bringing the awards over and made a beeline for the bar. Oh shit. Maybe he should have worked on the game plan better because things seemed to being going downhill very quickly.

Megan turned to look at him again. He smiled at her and hoped he didn’t look nervous. He kissed her on top of her head and said,

“Let’s go find Mark shall we?”

The rest of the night flew by in a blur. Jordan proceeded to drown himself in a large quantity of booze to hide his nervousness. He was quite literally scared to death that his wife knew or even suspected his betrayal. Although she stopped giving him dirty looks all night, she didn’t say much either. He chalked it up to the fact that they both had duties to entertain their guests and didn’t need to worry about one another. But he felt like that reasoning was a little too convenient.

He avoided Julie like the plague which probably wasn’t the nicest thing to do considering he just took her virginity. But, all things considered, she would have to forgive him so that he wasn’t murdered by Megan.

He accidently ran into her at the bar and wasn’t sure what to say. It looked like she had the same idea about getting bombed as he did. He had caught her talking to Jeff a few times and the look on Jeff’s face caused no small amount of jealousy for Jordan. He couldn’t exactly go over and tell Jeff to keep his hands off her or anything. He literally had his hands full now. The last thing he wanted to have to worry about was whether or not Jeff was going to try to taste goods that he considered to be his.

“I’m sorry Julie, we will talk later ok, but we may have raised some red flags, so I have to play things cool right now.”

“I understand,” she whispered and the sound of her sad voice almost broke his heart. He was about to say more when he saw Megan looking over at them. She looked pissed.

He ordered two drinks and walked away from Julie. That was the last time he saw Julie that night.


Chapter 9

When Julie got home that night she collapsed on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Her mother had picked her up from the party at midnight. She had to work early in the morning so Julie had to come home early. She didn’t really mind though. After what had happened between her and Jordan it was probably best she make herself scarce for a few days. Thank God she had the next few days off from work; it would allow things to cool down. Megan had been circling the party like a shark and Julie made sure she was never alone for fear of a confrontation. She wasn’t positive that Megan knew anything but the fact that Jordan’s wife appeared particularly angry at the party might be a clear indication. She didn’t know what kind of woman Megan really was, but she clearly wasn’t doing a good job if Jordan just slept with her in his office.

She still couldn’t believe it happened. What did a successful handsome man like Jordan see in a country girl like herself? She didn’t have a thing going for her and yet he saw her and chose her. She imagined living in that big house with Jordan as her husband instead of living in the small apartment with her mom. Maybe she was getting ahead of herself; Jordan probably just wanted to sleep with her like every other guy who liked big breasts. But she didn’t think so, he treated her differently and Julie believed that he genuinely cared for her.

She just knew if she played her cards right she would be his wife one day. Julie wasn’t sure what she was going to do about the situation but she knew one thing for certain she was going to do everything in her power to make sure he didn’t get away. Guys like Jordan didn’t come along every day and she was determined to have him.

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