Rebound:Curvy Seduction Saga – Book One(9)

By: Aidy Award

He dipped his fingers inside of me, pressing his palm right where I needed it. He pumped in and out, giving me another taste of delicious retribution. “My, you are tight. No wonder Ian can’t wait to get back inside of you. But you’re going to have to beg for it.”

I needed so much more, but I didn’t get it. Hawk pulled out, leaving me empty and feeling so deprived.

I’d never known real hunger in my life, but a huge hole I didn’t even realize had been there all along gaped in my soul. I didn’t just need their touch or an orgasm, I needed someone to fill the void left empty by shame, fear, and lack of real connections in my life.

I pulled against the straps binding me, reaching toward them with my body, moaning my plea.

“Yes, that’s it, doll. Take her, Ian.”

Ian plunged all the way into me, beginning my torture again. This time, he wasn’t slow. He started up a fast pace with hard thrusts that took me right back to the edge of coming.

Hawk kept his light touch on my clit, holding back from the pressure I needed to take me into ecstasy.

“Please, Hawk, please.”

I couldn’t bring myself to ask for Gray’s permission when he wouldn’t deign to take me there himself.

There was no response.

Hawk pulled his hand away from my legs and up to my lips. “Taste yourself again. I’m half in love with your damn mouth.”

I licked and suckled, hoping to please him, remind him of what I could do with my tongue, daring him to let me.

“That’s it. Good girl. Such a hot mouth. You’re getting me all kinds of hard. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

I pulled my mouth away. “Then fuck me.”

“You don’t know what you’re asking. My pleasures run darker than Ian’s. I want your ass, doll.” He pressed against me, pushing his hard cock against the back of my thighs.

My mind swirled with the lust of his voice, his words, and the feeling of his body pressing against mine. No one had ever taken me there before. Even when I’d asked.

The forbidden and taboo idea almost pushed me into orgasm. I shuddered and sucked in a shattered breath.

“Ian?” I whispered.

“Yeah, babe?” His voice was shaky and his eyes closed. He was holding back from coming too. I wondered if that was part of their game.

No more games.

“I want Hawk’s dick in me, too. I want both of you. Can we do that?”

He stilled and stared at me, searching my face. “Fuck, yeah, we can. I wasn’t sure we’d get to tonight. Are you sure? You know what you’re asking?”

I was asking for a sexual experience to obliterate every lacking, orgasmless, missionary, vanilla thing I’d ever done in my life. “Yes, I want this, I need it.”

Ian pulled out of me and rolled onto his back. His cock glistened with my juices. “Hawk, untie her.”

I was almost sad to lose the feeling of lack of control the bindings gave me. Hawk unwound the straps and rubbed his hands over the marks they’d made in my wrists.

“You’re sure this is what you want? We don’t have to. I get almost as much out of controlling the scene as I do fucking you.”

That was a fascinating idea that I would have to store away to ask him about later. Gray had ultimate control over us all. We all knew it. Was he getting off on knowing even with the layer of Hawk and Ian between us he was the only one who could take charge of me?

Except, for the first time in my adult life, I did have a say. I was going to get almost everything I’d ever dreamed of, fantasized about. “Yes. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

Hawk nodded and rubbed his thumb over my mouth.

“Good.” He glanced to where Gray must have been and nodded. “Then your punishment is over. I think it’s time we heard you come.”

“Climb on over here, babe. Straddle me and lean forward so those lovely titties are right in my face. Then Hawk can enter you from behind.”

This time I wasn’t afraid to have Ian under me. They obviously knew what they were doing. They hadn’t steered me wrong yet and I trusted them now.

From my new perspective I could see past Ian and into the kitchen. Grayson stood there leaning against the wall. His hair hung in his eyes, mussed, like he’d been running his hands through it. How long had he been there, watching, torturing both of us?

A new bout of lust curled from my throat to my thighs. He’d seen more of me tonight than ever. Not just my body, but my desires, my vulnerability, my pleasure.

I whispered his name. There was no way he could hear it, but the moment the sound left my lips, he pushed against the wall and stood, filling the doorway, the whole room with his presence.

A rush of butterflies whirled in my chest and dropped into my stomach. The arousal I was sure was already on the edge built up a whole other level and I felt the evidence of it between my legs again.

Hawk knelt behind me, caressing my flesh. I heard the sound of another foil package opening and I thought I’d die of anticipation while he rolled on his condom.

Before I could beg for his cock, he reached between my thighs. His fingers ran over my pussy and pulled the moisture back, rubbing it over the pucker of my ass.

“You’re so fucking wet, I’m going to use your own juices to lube your tight little asshole.” He pushed the tip of one wet finger just inside, opening me, preparing me for his forbidden invasion.

One finger, then a second slipped inside of me. I was so focused on what Hawk did to my body, I’d almost forgotten Ian under me.

“I think this kind of kink is definitely your thing, babe. I’m gonna make it even better for you now.” He reached between our bodies, sliding across my clit several times before slipping two fingers inside my pussy.

Hawk pulled back, Ian pushed forward, setting up a rhythm between each other, becoming point and counterpoint. In and out, out and in.

The luscious sting shot ribbons of lust through me. My first real taste of this illicit act only made me want more.

I wanted it from Gray.

Every cell in my body was aware of him, on high alert.

Their touches were his touch, their voices saying his words.

Gray’s muscles were tensed, his breathing rapid, like he was ready for a fight. I’d seen him that way before, always when he thought I needed to be protected. I didn’t want or need his protection now, only his body and mind.

Our eyes locked. I mouthed my need for him. “Fuck me.”

He shook his head.

I wanted to show him I was ready even if the little voice inside my head said I wasn’t. That I needed more time to explore my own sexuality before I gave all my power up to him.

If he wouldn’t fuck me, he’d have to watch while someone else did. While I imagined he was inside of me.

“Are you ready, doll?”

I opened my eyes and stared at Grayson. “I’m more than ready. Take me.”

“Ian, get in her, I’ll follow.”

I heard Ian’s quick intake of breath, and then his cock pushed at my wet flesh. He groaned and shoved in all the way to the hilt.

My hips fell of their own accord to meet his, but he didn’t move, only waited, still. I groaned my pleasure and my want for more.

Hawk’s hands spread the globes of my ass and I felt his cock push against my back entrance. He entered me slowly with small rocking thrusts forward, allowing my body time to adjust to his invasion. He took it very slow, letting the burn build past any pain until he was fully seated in me.

“Are you okay, doll?”

I felt so full, so surrounded. All I could squeak out was an “mmm-hmm.”

I had no control. I wasn’t scared, I was free. For the first time since I’d lost my virginity. I could be nasty and dirty and love a good fuck.

Ian grunted. “Say it. We need to know you can handle this before we’ll move.”

Ack. I couldn’t talk, I could hardly breathe.

He buried his face into my throat and bit down and I cried out. “Yes or no. Say it now or we’re done.”

Gone was the gentleman, the domination in Ian’s voice rang clear. I didn’t realize until then that someone could be both, but something in me responded to that and knew that I could be both too.

“Yes. Yes. Dios mio, yes.” I said it to them, but the words were for Gray.

Hawk’s body tensed and he began with a slow rhythm, being kinder than I expected. It took a minute for Ian to catch up, but soon his cock matched the in and out pace, sliding through my slick folds and back again to fill me up.

The sensation sent me soaring, already close to coming.

Not from the dirty sex, but from knowing Gray was watching.

I never once took my eyes off his face. His smile was as dark as a sinner in hell. From behind his back, he raised the phone, filming everything.

My heart stuttered.

This was the dirtiest, filthiest thing I’d ever done, and I loved every second of it.

I wanted to close my eyes, to see the stars dancing there. But if had, I wouldn’t have seen the way the camera faltered in Grayson’s hands.

He set the camera on the counter, propped against a bottle of water, still aimed at me. His hands now free, he unbuckled his pants and let them hang open. Underneath his proper exterior hid the naughty side of him. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

I’d never be able to look at him the same again. Not knowing there was only one thin layer of material between me and his cock.

His pants didn’t have to drop far before Gray’s penis poked out the top. He gripped it in one hand and stroked down to the base.

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