Raging Kane:The Wolfe Creek Series

By: C.M. Steele

Book Three in the Wolfe Creek Series

Chapter One

The day had been never ending. I just wanted to shower and get some sleep after work, but that was out of the question. I promised I’d have dinner with Arabella; however, dinner with my sister had come at a price. Two of our mated couples showed up and it wasn’t the most comfortable feeling for me. I hadn’t mated yet and was almost past mating age. It was likely I was never going to meet her— whoever she was. That sentiment was what stressed me out. I needed a steaming hot shower to ease the knots of tension in my shoulders.

Being the Alpha of a pack of wolf shifters was a piece of cake for me. It was made easier by the fact that I was the mayor of the town as well. I didn’t have to tiptoe around anyone or deal with the bureaucratic red tape. Our town was a decent size so I always had my hands full with issues, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

My discontent with life, in general, was the only thing getting to me. I was finding it harder and harder to watch my people mating and making families. It had me becoming bitter as hell. That wasn’t something an Alpha should feel about his pack.

Dropping my clothes on the floor, I walked to the shower. As I moved, my limp, useless cock plopped about, bouncing with every step. Looking at it so damn flaccid made me sick. It was a curse for us wolf shifters. The only way the dick got hard was when it was with our mate; otherwise, it was little more than a pissing hose for the past twenty-seven plus years and it mocked me. This was some bullshit. As the proud Alpha, I should have a woman in my bed every night.

The instant I got out of the shower, I took in my look. I was what human females would call ruggedly handsome. Every single woman that passed through town bragged about the stud of a mayor. All I saw was a sad man before me. I wish I still had my father here to talk to. He’d tell me to give it time— like he did with everything else. Hating the man before me, I punched my fist through my mirror shattering the glass all over my bathroom. Damn it, now I had shit to clean up. Grabbing a towel, I wrapped my bleeding hand and walked to the bed. I’d clean that shit up in the morning.

I’d just fallen asleep when these blue eyes came into view. At first, it was just them staring at me intently. They were glistening with unshed tears and I ached to reach out and wipe them from her face, but for some reason, I didn’t. I stepped back and took a better look at her long, brown hair that parted in lush waves down the center to frame her enchanting face. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. That sad look in her eyes was making my heart crack. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I knew I didn’t want it to end. Suddenly her expression turned intense and cold; her mouth was tight and I could hear her harsh breathing.

“I hate you!” she shouted from her soft, pink lips. The vitriol was so strong that I felt it deep inside, startling me out of my sleep.

My heart was pounding out of control, and before it dawned on me, I’d shifted and was padding around on my bed completely in my wolf form. My black fur was standing on edge as I looked around the room. That dream whatever the meaning, was so real that it forced me to shift. I hopped down onto the floor and headed out my back door for a night run to clear my head.

I ran so far I was out of Redding, already miles away and in Wolfe Creek where another pack lived and flourished. It had taken a long time before I was calm enough to transfer back to my human form. My mind ran as fast as I did. I wondered why this creature in my dream hated me. I knew her anger was directed at me because I felt it through to my bones.

By morning, I was a tired wreck. I had a job as pack Alpha to keep the town on its toes and humans out of our territory. Most came in for the hiking, but occasionally, you had those who needed to stay in the hotel in town. We couldn’t dissuade them because the money was good. On average, we had about three hikers a week. Since I was the mayor of the town, a solid revenue stream was my priority. We had investments as a community and they seemed to blossom with the help of Hunter and Chloe Grey from Wolfe Creek, but we also made crafts that sold well online. The internet was a stellar invention. It had a way of keeping us closed off from the world while still being very involved and well-funded.