Professional Boundaries(89)

By: Jennifer Peel

Ian’s attorney, Mr. Nathaniel Clark, saw us immediately. By the looks of his office, he did very well for himself. I expected no less, considering who had elicited his services. He was probably around Ian’s age, maybe a tad older, and was handsome. He had a commanding presence to him; I could see instantly why Ian had chosen him.

Ian introduced me and then took no time getting down to business. He handed over the packet to Mr. Clark and explained the contents.

Mr. Clark grinned at me. “Are you sure you’re in the right profession, Ms. Bryant? I could use someone like you.”

I didn’t get the chance to reply.

“She’s taken,” Ian replied for me.

Mr. Clark smiled at the two of us before he continued to look through the documents. “This is amazing leverage,” he commented. “And why we didn’t think of it, Ian, I don’t know.”

Ian looked at me proudly. I just winked in return.

Mr. Clark made a couple of phone calls to the opposing lawyers, and then the fun began. After an hour, we all headed over to the courthouse that was conveniently across the street from Mr. Clark’s firm. Again, Ian held my hand as we made our way over. I couldn’t wait to see the looks on the faces of the boob twins.

As this wasn’t a jury trial, we met in a conference-style room. Apparently, the opposing side wanted to meet without the judge first. Shocker. They knew they were in trouble. We got there first and took seats on the hard wooden chairs at one end of the table. Ian looked more relaxed than I had seen him in days. That was until the boob twins made their appearance. His demeanor changed in a split second. I wasn’t sure if I had ever seen such a look of disdain on anyone’s face.

The twins didn’t look happy either, especially when they saw me. I couldn’t help but wickedly grin at them. Oh, yes … they were going to be very sorry. They quickly turned away from me, and I smiled lovingly at the man by my side. He grabbed my hand under the table and held it firmly. I so badly wanted to get out my phone and take a picture of the painted ladies for my sister. They both overdid it today, with the hair and makeup, and for some odd reason, they looked like they color coordinated. They were each wearing navy blue and red, and of course, they each showed way too much cleavage. I didn’t think that was going to help them today.

Besides their lawyer, there was an older gentleman with them. I think he was Marissa’s father. I take back my previous comment; he was the winner for the look of disdain. I couldn’t tell who he was unhappier with, Ian or his daughter. It was a toss-up as he looked between the two. Ian didn’t even flinch though.

I leaned over to Ian. “You are so sexy when you’re trying to play it cool,” I whispered low enough for his ears only.

His eyes danced with delight as he grinned at me, but just like that, he was back to business and back to staring down the opposing side. I found it interesting how Alexa refused to make eye contact with Ian. In a way, I couldn’t blame her; I knew what it felt like to be rejected by him, and it was devastating.

The opposing side kept chatting and arguing amongst themselves as we stayed cool and collected on our end. They were scrambling, and I’m sure I took way too much pleasure in it. They had obviously been very confident about a different outcome. Finally, after about twenty minutes, their lawyer asked for a meeting just between the two parties, meaning me and Alexa were asked to leave. I was honestly looking forward to a little time alone with Ms. Manselle. She, on the other hand, looked a little worried, as she should be.

Ian stood up with me, and I couldn’t help it: I kissed him just once on those lips of his in parting. “Make sure you ditch the baggage, ok?” I said quietly.

He grinned at me, and I turned around to find all eyes on us, even Ms. Manselle’s. In response, I plastered a huge smile on my face, held my head up high, and walked out like a boss. Ms. Manselle joined me in the hall that was lined with large paintings of judges of the past. She looked at me nervously as she took a seat on one of the wooden benches that sat outside the room we exited. Just for a moment, I took pleasure in watching her squirm. She got out her phone and tried to pretend to be preoccupied. Yeah, I wasn’t buying it.