Professional Boundaries(88)

By: Jennifer Peel

“Mr. Greyson, I’m not sure how to take that,” I teased.

He quickly dropped my hand, but at least he smiled. I really did miss being just Kelli.

That night I was left alone as Ian met with his attorney again. They were going to court the next afternoon. He didn’t know, but I was too. I was also working on this ridiculous case. Ms. Manselle was about to be very sorry.

I dressed extra carefully in my finest business suit the next morning before I met Ian for breakfast. He didn’t get in until almost midnight the night before. He came up and lightly rapped on my door. “I just needed to see your face,” he said before he kissed me.

I happily obliged. He looked so worn, and this morning he still did. It made me more determined to go with him. He had been so adamant about me staying out of it that he didn’t even discuss what was going on with me, but like he said, he had never known anyone more stubborn than me.

As soon as our breakfast was cleared away, I reached into my satchel and pulled out a large manila envelope and slid it across the table to him.

He looked at me curiously. “What’s this?”

“Your insurance policy.”

He still looked confused.

I grinned mischievously. “Just open it.”

He immediately complied. I watched him as he looked through the small stack of papers. I could see his chocolate eyes brighten as he read through the lawsuit Chandler was filing against Ms. Manselle for breach of contract, corporate espionage, and violating her NDA. He looked up from the papers with a happy smirk on his handsome face.

I took that as my opportunity to hand him a DVD. “This video shows Ms. Manselle taking pictures with her phone of your laptop screen showing the framework of our software. It also shows her talking to who I assume is your ex-wife discussing their ‘plan.’ I’ve asked Ms. Ayers, Chandler’s attorney, to subpoena her and Marissa’s cell phone records. I also have Delfia’s handwritten statement that she overheard her conversation and her plans to take you down, for lack of a better term.”

He just shook his head at me in amazement; he was speechless.

“So, can I go with you to the courthouse now?”

His face erupted in a smile. “I love you.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Ian called his attorney and basically insisted on meeting immediately, if not sooner. His attorney agreed, and we were on our way. I watched him as we drove over, and I could visibly see that his stress level had diminished. He looked so relieved. I even teased him that I would be willing to get up and swear, under oath, I was still a virgin.

He laughed and briefly looked my way as we sat stopped at a red light. “You say the most absurd things sometimes,” he said as he looked me over from head to toe and grinned devilishly, “and unfortunately, no one would believe you.”

I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Except for me, of course,” he added. “Besides, I had no intention of letting anyone come near you. I would have given it all up to protect you if needed.”

I reached up and touched his cleanly shaven face as he drove. “Ian, you don’t have to protect me, but thank you.”

“Maybe I don’t have to, but I want to, for the rest of my life.”

My eyes began to water, and I quickly flipped down the visor mirror and tried to keep my makeup in place. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed to cry in front of him, especially not a happy cry, but I just wanted to make sure I gave my best impression today.

“You’re beautiful,” Ian said as I dabbed at my eyes.

“Stop being so sweet, you’re going to make me cry some more.”

He just laughed at me. I was happy to hear him really laugh.

Ian’s attorney’s office wasn’t far from our hotel, so it didn’t take us long to get there, even with Denver’s insane traffic. On our walk in, he even held my hand.

“So, I get to be Kelli today?”

He gave me a wry smile and applied gentle pressure to my hand. I squeezed back. I hoped someday he would get over all of this separation nonsense. I mean, I get why he did it, but this was me. I wasn’t Marissa or Alexa. I fell in love with Ian long before he was ever wealthy or successful, at least in the worldly way. He could trust me, and it wasn’t like I wanted to make-out in the office or anything. I just wanted to be us. Ok and, if he felt the urge and it was behind closed doors, I wouldn’t mind at all if he kissed me in the office.