Professional Boundaries(14)

By: Jennifer Peel

“Kelli, will you come back?”

I took another moment to look at him. “I need the weekend to think about it.”

“I understand, but I hope you’ll change your mind.”

Chapter 4

On my drive home, I just couldn’t get over the day I’d had. To think it had started off so hopeful, only to end with my ex-boyfriend and would-be boss staring at me on the dance floor. It was odd. I thought he would have just left after he paid for dinner, but he stayed and watched me dance with Jose. Then, as soon as the dance was over, he just walked out. Afterward Jose and Alicia both questioned me about him. I didn’t give them all the gory details, just a very brief overview.

“He looks like a man that knows regret,” Alicia remarked.

Don’t we all know regret? Like me. I regretted going to work today, and a little of me regretted my snotty attitude. So much so, I called Amanda as soon as I got home. I needed her to make me feel better. I told her the whole crazy dinner story, and I asked her if I was out of line and why I couldn’t control my snarkiness.

She laughed hard. “Oh honey, don’t be so hard on yourself. He’s lucky you didn’t punch him. It’s his own fault for leaving you with so much pent up anger. He’s the one that chose to walk away without even giving you a reason.”

“Manda, he didn’t love me. End of story. What better reason is there than that?”

“Kelli, that’s just malarkey. Real men don’t walk away and never speak to you again just because you say you love them, Ok. And they don’t just show up out of the blue thirteen years later for no reason either.”

“Ok, wise one, what possible reason could there be?”

“Did you find out if he’s married?”

It drove me nuts when she responded with a question not an answer. She did that more often than I liked.

“I didn’t ask, but he didn’t have a ring on. But hold on, I wanted to google him. Let me put you on speaker.”

I set my phone down and typed in Ian Greyson on my laptop. The first listing was for an attractive actor that shared his name, but I didn’t have time to ogle handsome men online. I scrolled down the page and found an article about the sale of his software company, IAG Inc. It sold for a cool thirty million. Wow! I scrolled a bit further down as I listened to my sister bark commands at my nieces, who were balking at going to bed. One of them yelled, “Come save us, Aunt Kelli!”

I laughed.

“Just wait until you have your own,” Amanda retorted.

“I can’t wait,” I said sadly.

“Kelli, you’re going to have your own.”

I hope so, I thought to myself. It was then I found a very interesting article. Well, well, it looked like Ian married Denver socialite, Marissa Randall, eight years ago. Their engagement photo was pretty hoity toity. Ian was in a black tuxedo and she was in some silver evening gown. She was what I would call a buxom blonde with overdone make-up and hair. I was just about ready to tell my sister he was married when another article caught my eye from two years ago.

Amanda was now yelling for Zane to come deal with his offspring.

“Hey, sis, looks like he’s divorced.” I chimed in before she really raised her voice. “Or at least he was a couple of years ago.”

“Does he have kids?”

I scrolled down the article. It was a gossip column from the Denver Post. I couldn’t believe Ian was popular enough to get mentioned in the society pages. No wonder he looked like a runway model now. I honestly preferred the Clark Kent version. Don’t get me wrong, he was way easy on the eyes, but there was something sweet and innocent about the man I knew so long ago. Now he looked like he lived in a boardroom.

“Ok, here we go. ‘There were no children from the union    .’ There you go, no kids, at least not from Ms. I-May-Tip-Over-Because-My-Hair-And-Boobs-Are-So-Big.”

Amanda laughed. “Send me a picture of her.” I snapped a picture like a thirteen year old girl and texted it to her.

“My, my …” Amanda responded.

“I know, right.”

“You’re way prettier.”

“Thanks, sis, but I don’t care.”